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Eyeliner Recommendations?

I currently use MAC Graphblack Technakohl eyeliner. It has worked well up until this last I'm searching for a new brand to try! I've read reviews on some eyeliners but I still haven't found "the one". I need a black eyeliner for my top lid and bottom that stays on the waterline without smearing or smudging + lasts all day. I've never tried gel but liquid was a bad experience. If you guys have any eyeliner that you swear by please send some ideas my way =) thanks! 

Re: Eyeliner Recommendations?

Nars Larger than Life completely changed how I feel about eyeliner. It doesn't budge at all on me and lasts all day and more if I forget to take it off. 

Re: Eyeliner Recommendations?

Surprisingly, my favorite black eyeliner right now is a drugstore brand - Rimmel London ScandalEyes Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner.  It doesn't smudge at all (and I have oily eyelids).  I have no problem paying for quality but this actually really works for me so why dish out more $s.

Re: Eyeliner Recommendations?

I have oily eyelids so I have not had much luck with UD 24/7.  I have had better luck with MUFE Aqua Eyes Eyeliner but I still need to do more testing with it.

Re: Eyeliner Recommendations?

Urban Decay's 24/7 is pretty great. Never had any issues with smearing or smudging, but it is very soft and oily or teary skin might have more issues than me.


Gels are hit and miss. I used MACs (can't remember what it's called) for performances a while back, and it was fantastic. No smudging or bleeding under stage lights. It's only good once it's been on for a few minutes, though. You have to be careful at first, kind of like a mascara. And it's a real pain to put on, not an everyday kind of makeup for me at least.



Re: Eyeliner Recommendations?

Still searching for my holy grail eyeliner pencil but right now I'm using Urban Decays 24/7 liner in Perversion. It is the blackest black liner I have ever used. I really do like it, but occasionally it smudges below my eyes and then sets that way. And trust me once it sets its not moving. Still a great eyeliner though.

You said you had bad luck with liquid... but my absolute favorite liner pen is the Kat Von D tattoo liner in Trooper (black). I asked for liner advice on here a few months ago and this is what several people recommended and oh my god am I in love. It may be worth looking at in the store... It's sort of like a marker liner so its easier to work with than one you have to keep dipping. And the brush tip is AMAZING. Unlike any I've used before. Doesn't budge either! Good luck, hope this helps!

Re: Eyeliner Recommendations?

I've never used a marker liner before! I might have to give it a try. The liquid eyeliner that I used had a brush-like tip and I hated it. Thank you for the advice! 

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