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Eyeliner Problems :(

I'm not a huge eyeliner fan, I will use it to do the natural smokey eye with the smudgy look or the cat eye on the top of the lid but that's as far as I go. For some odd reason every single time I've bought a brand new eyeliner, and used it on my waterline I've ended up getting a sty on my waterline, I'm not sure why, I've tried everything I could think of in order to sanitize and keep all of my products for such clean and am not an "eye toucher". My boyfriend loves me wearing eyeliner but i'm not sure i'll be able to use it much longer if this keeps there anything I can do, or hypoallergenic products I can use?? Please help before I lose faith in my liners Smiley Sad 



Re: Eyeliner Problems :(

Wait- does the sty look like a traditional sty (all red and stuff) or more like little bubbles (image below)?

This is really important

Re: Eyeliner Problems :(

Ooh, I have that on my left eye! Is that bad? I'm asymptomatic though..

Re: Eyeliner Problems :(

It probably isn't a sty then- it could be Blepharitis, where you have clogged pores that secrete oil and stuff so that your eye and eyelid have lubrication and can slide against each other. It is usually clogged with things like dust or dirt or skin cells or makeup I believe. So you could try laying off eye makeup completely for a few weeks as well as doing warm wet compresses at night (use a fresh washcloth each time). Do some googling on Blepharitis for more information but if it is really bad: itchy and dry you may want to see an eye doctor as there could be a bacterial infection as well.

---Definatly lay off of heavy eye makeup though and when you finally start waring it again you should proabaly do the wet eyeshade trick. 

Re: Eyeliner Problems :(

I agree with other posters that there are other possibilities, but always be sure to use a reliable source if you are trying to google.  There's so much bad info out there!  Blepharitis typically has inflammation, crusting and scaling and is usually itchy.  It can be bacterial, related to dandruff (seborrheic dermatitis), etc.  If it's not just a normal stye and you suspect an infection, please see a professional! 

Re: Eyeliner Problems :(

It can actually be either. - as from dictionary-Posterior blepharitis can be caused by irregular oil production by the glands of the eyelids (meibomian blepharitis) which creates a favorable environment for bacterial growth. It can also develop as a result of other skin conditions such as acne rosacea and scalp dandruff.

Re: Eyeliner Problems :(

I have been dealing with styes for years! A few years ago I asked my ophthalmologist about them and he said to try taking my eye makeup with baby shampoo. I gave it a try, but I couldn't get my makeup off as well with it and then my eyelid felt very dry afterward. Since then I have found Cetaphil face cleanser to do a really good job! My liner comes off a lot easier with this and I haven't noticed as many styes. Another tip I that has worked for me is taking a warm washcloth when I wake up to make sure there isn't any of the crust left near my eyelashes from sleeping. Hope this helps!


Re: Eyeliner Problems :(

I have to do that too, but no cleanser worked and I even had steriod drops to get rid of them. My eye doctor told me there was something one of the tricylines, similar to the acne medication that can clear them up if they are very chronic like mine were. A hot washcloth works good too and now I only remove my make up with coconut oil.

Re: Eyeliner Problems :(

I get these frequently and I have no idea what it's from. It's not any particular product either, but from what I researched previously it's an excess of oil clogging it.    I've gotten them in both eyes but it generally happens just to my left eye and usually on the bottom waterline.     It could be from oil and then sweating and needing to wash my face and get it thoroughly cleansed.  If my eyes feel dry I try to use drops and make sure all the makeup is removed But sometimes I only notice it when I'm removing my makeup.    It can happen if I get eye cream in my eye , concealer or powder I'm my eyes but most of the time it doesn't last more than 2-4 days depending on the size and it goes away on its own. 

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