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Eyeliner Advice??

I've always worn eyeliner on my top and bottom lids. Now that I'm 40, I'm thinking of changing things up a bit. I'm wondering if the liner on my bottom lid is too harsh, too much, you know?
That being said, if I don't wear liner on my bottom lash line, I feel like my makeup is incomplete and my eyes just don't look right. 
Normally, I use pencil on my bottom lash line, UD's 24/7 to be exact. I've also tried using Clinique's bottom lash mascara, which I like....but to me, it looks a little "off" without liner to go with it.
Should I try lining my bottom lash line with eye shadow instead? I'm thinking that might give me a softer look? What about my waterline? If I don't use liner on my waterline, I feel that I look weird. 

I've tried pencil, cream, and liquid liner in all different brands. I just want to find a look that will compliment me now that I'm in my 40's. I don't want to wear my eye makeup the way I did in my 20's because it makes me look like I'm trying too hard.....if that makes sense?
Anyway.....any advice or tips y'all could send my way would be wonderful! Smiley Happy

Re: Eyeliner Advice??

Use an eyeshadow on the lower lash line and cut the water line.  Or, if you need the water line use a soft pencil like Perversion on the upper water line and let it "bleed" onto the lower water line for a softer line there.  It will bleed or at least always does on me (really bad if you wear contacts).

On the lower lash use a light highlight in the inner corner forming a soft V.  Then take a mid dark color shadow and line the lower line 9 (I use a smoky eye brush because I like a softer and wider line) then graduate it out width wise a little as you reach the outer corner.  Then use the liner you used on the top lashes to create a little V at the outer corner and blend some shadow in you get a graduated line color wise.

Much softer….but still defines the eyes.

Hope that helps!

Re: Eyeliner Advice??

I think it depends on the shape and size of your eyes, not your age.  I have very big, prominent eyes and even though I am quite a bit older than you, I still line the bottom because as you said the eyes just don't look as "finished" without it.  I do think you could try lining the bottom with shadow to soften the look. I would go by how you feel it looks best and not on your age. 

Re: Eyeliner Advice??

My eyes are hooded and getting a wee bit more hooded as the inevitable bit of sagging starts.  I've always just lined the top and not the bottom.  If I do anything on the bottom it's the outer third only and very soft with a bti of shadow.  For me lining the top and bottom just makes my eyes close up completely.  I rarely line my lower waterline and if I do it's with a white pencil to open them up.  


Honestly, lining just the top can make you look a lot younger.  My baby sister still insists on lining the bottom and people constantly mistake her for being the oldest of three of us.  It can emphasize even the tiniest bit of crepeyness under the eye for some reason.  Try a week with just the mascara and see how it goes, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Re: Eyeliner Advice??

I only found out a few months ago that liner should be used on the top lid.

Yeah. Really.


Then a couple months ago, I got brave and stopped lining the bottom at all.


Took some getting used to, but looks REALLY GOOD!


Go ahead, be brave.

Re: Eyeliner Advice??



I think leaving liner off the lower lash line looks beautiful! I really love that look!

Re: Eyeliner Advice??

I see that you have Rouge status, would you consider going to Sephora and have them help you out in this area? That could be a really great way to get the help you are looking for and it's free. Us Rougers get unlimited services on the house.

Re: Eyeliner Advice??

Most everyone has good tips, suggestions or practices. I also feel like my look is incomplete if I have eyeshadow and liner only on my top lid. [I'm over 55, for reference.]


I don't tightline on upper or lower lashes and I don't do my waterline. I used to do my waterline years ago when I was in my 20s but I find most pencils are irritating there even though they don't bother me near the waterline. Some MUAs like Wayne Goss believe that tightlining is more "appropriate" for older women, and I don't disagree that this works well on many of them. But I don't have significant hooding (yet) or oily lids or similar issues and I feel like I want to use eyeliner to add color to my shadow (and not just to be an "extension" of the lashes like Wayne Goss advocates). This is personal preference, obviously. 


Outer Third under eye: Sometimes I just do the outer third alone under my lashes with the same pencil color I've used above, but I find that stopping there looks kind of weird like being too abrupt. (I realize there's a "rule" that mature women shouldn't line the entire eye underneath but I go by what looks good on me personally.) Whether I line completely under the eye or not, for the outer third under my lashes, sometimes if the above liner is a bit dark and I've used several shades of shadow, I'll use just shadow (applied with a pencil brush) underneath my lower lashes. I usually use a darker color I've used above if my eye is more smoky or a medium color if my eye is more neutral.


Inner Third under eye: I use a light usually shimmery (but not always shimmery) shadow color going from the inner eye underneath lashes. Frequently the color is the same as the one I used on inner part of upper lid because using the one I use under my brow would be way too light.


Middle part under eye: I smudge the inner- and outer-third two colors together in the middle part of the eye. This is a trick I learned from some of the talented gals who post on the What Are You Wearing Today thread.


Here's an example of my eyeliner (using above technique) I did last week [this is a blown-up version--up close in person the liner under the eye looks better blended than in the below pic, which captured the shimmer because I was in broad daylight diffused with tree shade]. I used Urban Decay Vice on upper lid but in outer third of lower lid I used a more muted brown shadow I had used in my eye crease and then on inner part of lower lash line I used a shimmery lighter shade that was also on inner part of upper lid, and in the middle I blended the two:







Re: Eyeliner Advice??

Wow! This looks seriously good. It makes me wonder could I get away with using liner on the lower lash line again ... food for thought ... thanks so much for sharing the picture!

Re: Eyeliner Advice??

Thanks ballerinagrl. I think the later comment by anaa about the key being what your eye looks like in shape/size and not age may be spot on. But the trick of using a couple different colors underneath does make the prospect of using liner underneath a bit more workable for some women. There's less risk of it "closing off the eye" when experimenting with the colors a bit.


The other trick I've found (which I didn't describe above) is to go slightly below the curve of the lower lash line, by making it a bit thicker in the middle where the two colors are blended and under the outer third of the lower lash line, instead of hugging the lash line super tight and more thinly like I do with the top lash line. This makes the eye look a bit bigger and helps prevent the "closing off the eye" effect. I'm very careful to not go overboard in doing this though. Wayne Goss has a vid showing how if women wear liner on just the lower lash line, that it seems to pull the eye downward (sort of like a basset hound); this same effect could occur with going below the curve of the lower lash line too much. But just a touch seems to open up the eye. It takes some experimentation to get the right effect.

Re: Eyeliner Advice??

Thanks for the advice! I'm definitely going to try it Smiley Happy

Re: Eyeliner Advice??

I have extremely sparse bottom lashes so heavy solid eye liner on my bottom lash line looks weird. My Top lashes are Freakishly long... which I trim...bad idea DON'T Do IT! Smiley Wink 


Anyhoo, after my 40's the last thing I wanted to do was bring attention to the lower area of my eyes.


So, I use eye shadow sparingly/sheer with the darkest color used, usually the crease color is what I apply. Not the entire bottom lash line, I stop around the pupil. If my eyes are very watery, I'll use a waterproof eye pencil making sure it's applied very sheer where you can see 'skin.'  


The use of sheer eye shadow or liner I bring the focus upwards away from my under eye area. I do wear many layered colors of neutral matte eye shadows to create an illusion that I don't have hooded eyes & always wear false lashes because it helps conceal the droopy textural issues of mature eye lid skin. I do wear black gel liner on my top lids since I love to wing. I tightline, never waterline.

Re: Eyeliner Advice??

Hi, Ginger74!  You don't need to stop lining your bottom lid!  I'm 49; I don't have eyelashes; and until a couple of months ago, I had not used eyeliner in over a decade.  A few months ago, I started lining my bottom lid from one end to the other.  I use whatever color I want (except black), line fairly lightly, and smudge for a more smokey, subtle effect.  I line along the lash line, but not on the waterline.  I use the UD 24/7 pencils.


Something else you could try is to use a darker color on top and a lighter color on the bottom; for example, dark brown on the top lid and light brown on the bottom lid; dark green, light green; black, purple; etc.

Re: Eyeliner Advice??

So weird! When I turned 40 I thought the exact same thing: The black under eyeliner has to go. But it was impossible to go cold turkey, so I used Sephora eye pencils in dark brown to start with then weened myself down to pale brown and then sandy shaded pencils, before finally giving it up entirely after about a year.


At first I thought the lack of that black kohl underline made me look tired, and made my eyes look smaller, but over time I realized my eyes look pretty good.


Then I relocated from Dubai to the UK, and here even 60 year old women wear smudgy rock chick black underliner! I haven't been tempted to go back yet, but I've only lived here 3 months, so time will tell!

Re: Eyeliner Advice??

Try using a brow kohl eyeliner or perhaps a brown shadow?

Re: Eyeliner Advice??

Let's be clear - if you don't do something you normally do, you don't look "weird" or "not right." You just look different, and it will take some getting used to - moreso for you than anyone else. Likewise it will be more obvious to you than anyone else. So take a step back on the self-criticism and cut yourself some slack!


It's like buying new glasses - you're entire face is going to look different with a new shape/color frame. It's about embracing the change and owning the look. The confidence speaks for itself. Smiley Happy

Re: Eyeliner Advice??

Whenever I want a softer look I use a lighter colored gel pencil (ie brown instead of my usual black) and wiggle the fine tip in between my lower lashes about halfway and stop when I get to the centre of my pupil. Stippling the eyeliner instead of a solid line gives me a lighter look.  I am a big fan of the Too Faced 3-pronged eye lining tool although it is black because of the great control I feel with the tip. s1442193-main-thumb.jpgThen I use a smudging brush and blend some neutral colored shadow to further soften the look, yet I still get the definition.


Re: Eyeliner Advice??

I'm 38.  I use eyeshadow to line my lower lid and only go about 1/3 of the way, starting from the outer corner.  Even that line can look a little 'on purpose' to me, so I blend it out with my index finger or Q-tip.  I have green eyes, so liner on the water line has always looked a little harsh on me, but when I use a lighter color the effect is nice (I've recently been playing around with a navy liner and am liking it.).  I also sometimes forgo mascara on the bottom lashes or just to a quick sweep.  I feel like if you have too much going on both the top and bottom, it can close the eye. 

Re: Eyeliner Advice??

I have to say, I've never really been a big fan of lining my entire eye. I've always lined my lower lashes but only the outer corners with plum or deep purple eye shadow. Then I go over the lower lashes with purple mascara.

Re: Eyeliner Advice??

I've just turned 40 and have been playing around with makeup looks for the same reason. I really like a "soft" undereye look. Usually I use eyeliner the last 1/3 of my bottom lash line, and I soften the look by using a pencil or eyeliner brush with a shadow that compliments the eyeliner, and I blend that eyeliner inwards to not only soften the look, but also to complete the look by having my full lower lash line still lined. I also sometimes just soften the outer edges and don't take the color all the way in. Ive found this to be very complimentary as well. I still line my waterline, and if I do, i just make sure I follow the same blending steps. I've also used eyeliner along my full lower lash line and have dabbed a brush in an eyeshadow shade that either matches, or compliments the liner shade, and blend that out so that the harsh lines aren't so sever.
So to sum it up, I find lining the bottom lash line still works and can look great as long as it's softened out by blending. You may not even need to use an eyeshadow, a pencil brush may be all you need to soften the liner you are using. UD has amazing eyeliners that are so blendable that I don't always find myself needing to use an eyeshadow to blend it. Hope this helps and as always, have fun experimenting!  Smiley Happy



Re: Eyeliner Advice??

Lining your eyes with eyeshadow will create a much softer effect! I do it for my sister when she doesn't want a over-the-top look. Using browns and mauves will give you a really soft, but defined look that's not too dramtic. For you waterline, try using a light brown eyeliner. Smiley Happy

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