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Eyebrow makeup advice

what are some good eyebrow makeup worth trying?  Im kind of lazy with my makeup routine and want something thats quick and effective. Any tips?

Re: Eyebrow makeup advice

Wow, I do some unconventional things to my eyebrows but I wouldn't have thought of that one, haha. If it works for you then go for it I guess! I can't find a brow product that looks quite right (though I have the Dior brow styler on the way, maybe it's the one) so I usually bleach my eyebrows when I do my hair and then color them back in with powder, otherwise they look too dark and heavy, I look like a caveman! Or if my hair is red/green/pink/whatever I'll find eyeshadow/liner/lipliner to match and color them in with that. 

Re: Eyebrow makeup advice

@misscg lol well thank you. Smiley Wink

I'm only doing it this way until next summer when I have permanent makeup done. I have just come off of Accutane & cannot have any kind of tattoo procedures for at least 6 months. So I'm playing it safe and waiting a full year. I'm a slow healer.

Re: Eyebrow makeup advice

Anastasia products for sure!!! I was using the Brow Pen but recently switched to the Brow Whiz Pencil just to try it.  Both are great, I might like the pencil a little more.  To seal it in i use the Brow Powder Duo over it applied with a  brush

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