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Eye makeup remover causes tears while sleeping

Hey everyone,


I have never found another person that has the same problem as I do and I was wondering if I could find someone here or if someone could help me...


Each time I remove my eye makeup (no matter which remover I am using), when I'm going to sleep my eyes start tearing while I'm sleeping... which of course prevents me from sleeping well and I'm waking up most times.

It really is making me insane and I'm starting to put less eye makeup or go without eye makeup at all when going out.


Does anyone know why it happens? 


I tried changing my eye makeup - different liners, different mascaras, different eyeshadows - it happens with all types of makeup!! Nothing helps me resolve this weird problem... If I'm going without any makeup I don't have this problem at all.

I also make sure I remove all the makeup really good from my eyes - didn't help either.


I'd be glad to hear some thoughts and suggestions.

Thank you all!

Re: Eye makeup remover causes tears while sleeping

I know this is not quite the same issue but both involve delicate/sensitive skin near your eyes.  I had pores, on the rim near my eye, get inflamed. My eye doctor told me to use the brand OCuSoft (after removing contacts).  It is a lid scrub you would need to use.  It says it cleans, refreshes, etc.  You can find it at the grocery store such as Jewel-Osco.  I was told to use Systane Ultra eye drops when my contacts are out at night.  I use waterproof mascara.  I won't add the name of remover since it's a brand only able to be purchased at a department store (Sephora doesn't currently carry the brand).  It will help... take it away.


I'd definately start with speaking to your eye doctor.  After, you may want to try the above.

Re: Eye makeup remover causes tears while sleeping

maybe you're allergic to something in the removers or you're skin is just very sensitive but it's deffinitely worth going to a doctor and figuring out for sure!
as much as i'd love to fork out a bunch of money for makeup remover, it just doesnt last very long.
i  currently use Garnier Skin Naturals "Fresh Grape Water" Eye Make-Up Remover Solution
Its only about 7 or 8 dollars I do believe at Walmart, or Shoppers and it's for sensitive eyes and I do have to say it works great!!
 I know it's not a high end brand but it works and it's deffinetly worth a try and if it doesnt work you can always return it no problem!!
I hope you figure it out, and find a makeup remover that works!


Re: Eye makeup remover causes tears while sleeping

Oddly enough I get really affected my most eyemakeup removes - to me a lot of them sting and irritate my eyes. So this is why I use Fresh Soy Face Cleanser - it very, very gently removes all makeup - even eyemakeup, without stinging or hurting my eyes.



Re: Eye makeup remover causes tears while sleeping

Hi Mortom,


I would recommend that you try the Clinique Naturally Gentle Eye Makeup Remover because it is 100% fragrance free and allergy tested. I think that you should also rinse any of remaining eye make up remover afterwards, if you are not already doing so. I hope that this helps! Also, like the previous review I would consult your dermatologist if you still have allergic reactions to find exactly what ingredients you might be allergic to.


Naturally Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

❤️ Melissa

Re: Eye makeup remover causes tears while sleeping

I agree. I would seek a professional if it is keeping you awake at night. There is anther makeup remover you can use in the meantime and it may work for you. Sens'Eyes by Make Up For Ever. I use it on clients that are extremely sensitive to anything around their eyes. Hope this helps. 


Sephora PRO

Re: Eye makeup remover causes tears while sleeping



Thanks for both of you 🙂


I'll try consulting a doctor - not sure how he could help me, but i'll give it a shot.


I'll also try the Makeup Forever eye cleanser. Hope it will assist me Smiley Happy

Re: Eye makeup remover causes tears while sleeping

I've had this issue as well and have found 2 solutions which might be helpful to try. The first is using refined virgin coconut oil as an eye makeup remover - you can find this at specialty grocery stores. It instantly removes even waterproof eye makeup, and feels like nothing at all even if it touches my waterline or eyeball. You would wipe the oil away with a cotton ball or tissue after it dissolves the makeup. Be careful to keep it in the eye area though, because it is likely to clog pores. Bobbi Brown cleansing oil has also been helpful for me to remove ALL my face makeup, and is especially effective on my eyes after using another remover (like coconut oil). It's also been helpful to use ClearEyes redness relief eye drops after removing eye makeup because it washes any leftover makeup particles away, soothes irritation and hydrates the eye, which makes the eye feel like it doesn't need to tear you up in order to rehydrate or wash any impurities away.

Re: Eye makeup remover causes tears while sleeping

I would actually consult your doctor about this -- it sounds as if it might be an allergy to an ingredient common in different makeup removers. If you go without makeup entirely (thus eliminating the makeup remover before bed), does the tearing up still occur? This sounds like an allergy issue to me -- and again, if it's causing you to lose sleep, and bothering you, I would consult a professional.


: )



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