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Eye makeup for green eyes & dark circles



So I'm an avid online shopper and despise going to the mall.  First, is this ridiculous that I’m buying eye makeup without ‘trying it on’ first?


Here’s what we’re working with:  green/blue eyes and pretty dark circles under them.  Even when I try to cover the circles, they can never really go away.  I don’t have a problem with this per se, but it becomes a problem when I wear too dark eye makeup.


I have fairly light skin and now that we’re coming in to fall/winter, I will become even lighter.  My hair is on the darker side of brown and my skin tone is olive.  My eyelashes are black and thick and my eyebrows are dark as well.  Because my ‘best’ features are my eyes, I like to highlight them and at the same time, it can turn downhill fast b/c this area is the darkest and I can look too intense.


Typically, when I visit stylists, they try to point me in the direction of a little color, like purple to bring out the green. I like browns b/c they’re easy and they don’t over power my face.  But I like anything if it looks good!


I’m looking for both a day and evening look.  Any thoughts? Suggestions?


I’m open to most anything - I’ve pretty much always used Lancome for eyeshadow and I love their precision point eyeliner.  Usually, I wear their definicils mascara, but am leaning toward hypnose.  Again, any alternatives are welcome b/c I appreciate change.   

Re: Eye makeup for green eyes & dark circles

Hi Lukesmommy,


Those are amazing suggestions everyone!


I think with your eye color you should wear warmer brown shades and pinkish tones. I think personally if you have darker circles under your eyes, deep purples might bring it out more. I would suggest a couple of palettes that I think would look good with your eye color!


Clinique Colour Surge Eye Shadow Quad

Colour Surge Eye Shadow Quad

True Romance Eyeshadow Palette - Saint

True Romance Eyeshadow Palette - Saint

I would also recommend the Benefit Erase Paste to cover dark circles because it has peach tones that tame darkness.

Erase Paste


I have also included a feed with a similar question that has some great tips on it, click here to view it.

❤️ Melissa

Re: Eye makeup for green eyes & dark circles

I don't have the dark circles, but my oldest daughter has bad allergies so she has to fight them constantly. She has fallen in love with "Stay don't Stray". Work on that sleep though, maybe small naps when the child naps. I know, easier said then done.

Re: Eye makeup for green eyes & dark circles

I recommend Benefit's Erase Paste for the dark circles: it is amazing. I don't get enough sleep (young child @ home 😉 ) and have from my father's side of the family the gift of dark circles. The two together have been usually the downfall of any dark-eye look. However I have (relatively) recently discovered Benefit's Erase Paste and Stay Don't stray primer: the latter might be too light for your skin tone to use alone (I actually some times substitute for the concealer 🙂 ), but the erase paste is my best friend now 🙂


My only advice for make-up is to try maybe the new line of cream shadows out there: I personally love Shiseido's Shimmering Cream Eye Color and I think Techno Gold is great: stays put, brings a lot of light to the eyes and it has great consistency. I have tried only in store some of the other colors: the only "downfall" is that these are not as strong color-wise as it seems you would like. I personally prefer them to the MUFE's aqua cream exactly because they are more buildable rather than be a big slab of color on the lids.

Re: Eye makeup for green eyes & dark circles

As a lancome fan, you may already be aware of the Renergie product with both creme & concealer. I like YSL touche eclat with a swish of shimmery shadow over it. I'm very careful not to overdo the shimmer or the concealer.


Check out the online versions of glamour & allure, there are a number of helpful tips. 

Re: Eye makeup for green eyes & dark circles

I think that Amazing Concealer is amazing, I just got a sample, it's great!  I also like Smashbox shadow in shell, so pretty, a goldy peach shade.  Then a use a bronze gel liner, I smoke it out slightly and use a highlight shade like Loreal in Morning Light in the inner corner and under my brow.  Curl your lashes really well and use a good layer of black mascara. 

Re: Eye makeup for green eyes & dark circles

I have had exactly the same problems. I have green eyes, and I like to bring the natural color out with a nude look.

at night, use an eye cream under your eyes and on your brow bones. in the morning, I apply a teensy bit, then apply an eye primer to your lit to your brow bones, and under your eyes. I apply a nude shaddow slightly tanner than my real skin tone, which is very fair. Then fill in your brows to a nice arched shape. I take a shimmery nutty light brown shaddow in the crease, and bring it out the side of my eyes in a triangle, so It countours them. line your waterline with a white pencil to rid of redness, then use a lengthening mascara on your top lashes. Apply a small coat on bottom, too. then take your finger, rub it in a lighter nude shaddow, and lightly apply it on your brow bones to highlight. I then use a powder concealer under my eyes for my dark circles. 


For a night look, I prime, then I add a light shimmery purple onto my lids. Don't go too dark. Then I take a plum shade, and I apply it with a light touch into my creases. I fill in my brows, then I use a black pencil in my waterline all the way to the inside corners. I apply the light shadow in a light line under my lower lashes. then I apply a thickening mascara to lashes. after, apply a nude shadow to brow bones, but I usually don't use a lighter shadow, mostly because it makes it seem a little too dramatic...then I use powder concealer.

Re: Eye makeup for green eyes & dark circles

hi, lukesmommy!



i have always loved urban decay eye shadow in last call ( it's kind of a soft magenta) and it looks fabulous on green eyes. also, you could use benefit bad gal mascara in plum only on the tips of your eye lashes, which would really bring out your eyes. hope this helps!

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