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Eye looks: Wear green! =D

Howdy, well it seems everyone's excited about the new color and personally I love it on the eyes. Here are the ways I've worn it, pardon my one eye staring at you. Please feel free to post your ideas/ways, too, if you wear/like wearing it! <3


Confession, I'm on no-buy so I didn't get the Pantone one, but I mixed a couple UD shades I have to get that color, then used it various ways.

2013-03-02 15.36.43.jpg

Applied lightly with an eyeshadow brush.

2013-03-02 15.40.58.jpg

Love blue/green together for a bit of depth.

2013-03-02 15.50.51.jpg

Green smokey with dark brown liner over it.

2013-03-02 15.54.37.jpg

Green over an orange base so it looks darker.

2013-03-02 16.00.57.jpg

Green over a matte white base applied very lightly and close to lashline.

 2012-12-03 23.42.14.jpg

A brighter green paired with gold, applied with eyeshadow brush.


That's that. How would you wear it?

Re: Eye looks: Wear green! =D

Gee, those looks are marvelous!  I'm always scared to wear green, I'm afraid of looking too bold, but your liner looks, blue & green together look very wearable. I'm going to check out my greens in my collection (still on no-buy and I probably wouldn't go out and get some green anyways) and give it a try.

What UD shades did you use?

Re: Eye looks: Wear green! =D

Thanks! It was a little creepy having 8 of my eyes staring back at me. o.o


Urban Decay Graffiti is the one in the last image (along with honey). I mixed it with a bit of Random to give it a darker blue tone more similar to emerald, and use that as the green for all the images. The matte white base is Clinique French Vanilla, orange is Maybelline Color Tattoo Fiery&Tangy, and smokey eye have dark brown Sephora liner over it.


I created the effect by putting on black mascara/lash primer, then wiggle an eyeshadow loaded with the shadow above/below the lashes before it dries.

Re: Eye looks: Wear green! =D

AHH! That looks so amazing. I went in today to do the swatches for the free eye shadow and tried the Pantone emerald green mascara over black mascara and it's amazing! Also, I saw that as a 100point reward there is going to be a little baggy with a bunch of samples including  the emerald eyeliner for the month of march only. I asked if they had any yet and they said no so I will not buy sunscreen until they do! 

Re: Eye looks: Wear green! =D

@melissa93. Oohh. You should've posted the mascara swatches! What does it look like? there's no swatches so I can only guess and used the eyeshadows. =X

Re: Eye looks: Wear green! =D

hahah well I did take a pic but it's not the best pic especially since I applied the green over dried black mascara. IMG_20130302_174512_0.jpg

Re: Eye looks: Wear green! =D

Nice! The green showed up well! The lighter green mascara/lashes lighter looked weird with black liners on me, but it looks good with the make up you have on (a brown liner would prob work, too).

Re: Eye looks: Wear green! =D

nice skin Smiley Happy

Re: Eye looks: Wear green! =D

why thank you. Smiley Happy

Re: Eye looks: Wear green! =D

The green looks are beautiful!!  You know I have a soft spot for brights lol.  I think my favorite is the last one, green paired with gold.  The only UD green I've tried is Mildew, and the eye liner in Junkie.  

Re: Eye looks: Wear green! =D

Oh I have a forest green Sephora liner. Haha, dark greens are more wearable than brights. I like the green/blue cuz it reminds me of peacocks, lol.


Oh but if/when you do wear bright greens, I'd love to see a pic. =)

Re: Eye looks: Wear green! =D

That looks so super fantastic on you! I keep putting off wearing my greens, I want to try them with gold or bronze shadow.

Re: Eye looks: Wear green! =D

@beautytester The campus computers won't let me directly reply to your response for some reason.  I do have some bright greens left over in my Kat Von D Truth palette.  I think it's about time to pull that palette back out lol.

Re: Eye looks: Wear green! =D

Hey! I love the green with the blue, it really softens it. I'll have to try it out!

Re: Eye looks: Wear green! =D

Thank you! That's my favorite, too. I love green/blue/purple together cuz they reminds me of peacocks, but I'm not sure how to use 3 bright colors together and still be day appropriate for my modestly creased eyes.

Re: Eye looks: Wear green! =D


Re: Eye looks: Wear green! =D

This is from a blog (The Notice), but I'm loving the look and thought you ladies might enjoy it, too! Smoky green, yay ya!


Re: Eye looks: Wear green! =D

Here is my green eye! lol






Re: Eye looks: Wear green! =D

honey you got SKILLZ!!!  what brush did you use in the crease/outer corner?  color me impressed!

Re: Eye looks: Wear green! =D

lol I use the MAC 217!! 

And thank youu!!

Re: Eye looks: Wear green! =D

AwwwSmiley Sad


I wore a bright green all over my lid and bottom lashline today for st patty's day (UD Absinthe). I wish I took a picture before I washed it off in my bath Smiley Sad

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