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Eye Primer

What's the ABSOLUTE BEST eye primer out there? I'm currently using a primer from NYX.It's ok doesn't last that long and my eyeshadow starts fading :/ Thanks for the helpSmiley Happy

Re: Eye Primer

I'm sure everyone has their favorite, but Shadow Insurance by Too Faced has worked the absolute BEST for me. I'll apply it under my eye shadow in the morning, and it'll still be 100% by night (even if all my other makeup seems worn off!) 

Re: Eye Primer

There are so many to choose from, but I've tried most of the major ones (Urban Decay, Too Faced, etc) & my favorite is, by far, Lorac Behind the Scenes. I'm oily & my eyeshadow will crease half way through the day. This product DOES NOT crease and shadow STAYS PUT all day. I still had oily creases with the other brands. If you're not oily you'll probably be fine with UD or TF. downside is that Lorac is no longer in stores (@ least that's what my local store told me), so I have to order it online. If you don't want to buy a full tube they have 2 sets with smaller sizes to test out. Here's one:

Re: Eye Primer

Hi!  I've tried all of the major brands of eye primer, so here are my recommendations:


1. Too Faced Shadow Insurance: if your eyes are at all dry, this primer was the most moisturizing and color corrected any redness on my lid.  It's a bit watery when first opened, so shake it a bit.


2. Lorac Behind the Scenes eye primer: this is thicker than the Too Faced, more creamy, not as moisturizing but a really great primer and your shadows willl last all day.  It's white/clear, so it's not very color correcting.


3. Urban Decay Primer potion: this is the thinnest formula, just a litle creamy, color correcting, and your shadows will last all day.  Just don't use too much, or you won't get as good a result.


Hope this helps!

Re: Eye Primer

i actually use a makeup primer under urban decay priming potion and with my oily skin it looks just as great at the end of the day,with no fallout! i use neutrogena shine control primer.

Re: Eye Primer

Others have offered up great reviews.


My personal fave is Urban Decay's Primer Potion, I love the variety they offer, from colorless (original), shimmery champagne (Sin, my favorite, I wear it alone without shadow), nude with a yellow undertone and matte finish (Eden, great for neutralizing discoloration or even to be used under the eye as an undereye concealer primer to block out dark circles), and shimmery gold (Greed).


The formula I've found is the most well rounded across the board, plus I love that they changed to the squeeze bottle!


Too Faced's Shadow Insurance to me is a thinner, more emollient formula. It contains vitamin E, so it helps to condition and nourish lids. Since it is thinner and may even feel a bit more greasy (no worries, it doesn't make lids oily with proper application), use a small amount. I like that because it stays creamier longer, you can mix in loose pigments to make your own cream shadows and liners and work with blending them better because they don't dry down as fast as using other primers.


The Lorac primer is a little thicker, more of a richer formula, rather than a cakey one. This one is colorless, it's a close second in terms of my favorites, it reminds me of the UD formula but again, richer in texture.


The Smashbox primer has a tint to it, this one has more of a neutral/beige tint. Again, flesh tinted primers are great for neutralizing discoloration. This one isn't my go to favorite, but it still gets the job done. I've found the matte finish primers dry down a bit quicker, so if you're not as well versed with blending and applying shadow quickly, you may have some difficulty.


The Bare Minerals primer isn't one I favor. I find the texture to get a bit uneven the longer you have the tube and it just doesn't spread out the best.


Benefit's Stay Don't Stray starts off well, this is another matte/flesh toned primer that works well under the eyes or even as concealer for skin tones that match up well, but the bad thing is I notice the formula separating the longer you have it. The pump dispenser sometimes dispenses more than what is needed so some gets wasted. It starts off feeling creamier than the Smashbox one, but at least I've never had the separation issue with Smashbox.



Re: Eye Primer

I really like Nars primer.  Admittedly I am a Nars fan, but what I like about theirs is that it is clear and light.  I have tried most of these other brands and find they are heavy or colored, which sometimes changes my make up application.  I really hate heavy eye makeup, so for me lightness is a priority and true color application.  If you go to a Sephora store they will give you samples and I find that is the best way to choose a brand.  They gave me almost three days worth of Urban decay in two colors.  I was able to test with a variety of shadows before deciding it was not the brand for me.

Re: Eye Primer

Urban Decay, hands down.  I haven't even ventured to try the other ones because it's so awesome.  Hate to admit it but back in my college days I would go out and dance all night and hit the hay without washing my make-up off and my eyeshadow would still be perfect the next morning.  Horrifying, I know, but a true testiment to the product!

Re: Eye Primer

Nars primer does a great job of keeping the eyeshadow in place and lasting throughout the day. It is especially helpful to those girls who may have oily lids, becuase it really does help and keeps the makeup smudgeproof.

Re: Eye Primer

agree with the NARS!!! THeee best! If you want, you can go to sephora and ask them to make you samples so you can try them out. but NARS has worked for everyone i know and i have extremely oily eyelids... i can't have anything on my eyes without something creasing, smudging transferring, or running within an hour

Re: Eye Primer

I have SUPER oily skin, even on my eye lids! I HIGHLY recommend Urban Decay. I personally like the original the best, but they have four different colors. Urbay Decay stays on ALL night... and sometimes when I fall asleep inmy make up, I wake up with my eyemake up still intact (although you should not fall asleep in it).

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