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I dont think I really ever paid attention to how important it is to shape and define ones eyebrows.... I didnt even know what a difference it makes until at a Sephora counter one of the girls there asked if I wanted her to show me how to shape and fill my eyebrows...!! WOW!!! My eyebrows are so jacked up its not even funny!!!! But with a little Brow-Zings I can make them look great Smiley Happy

 Even if i dont do a full face makeup I ALWAYS, ALWAYS make sure my brows are done....


Before........Look ma no brows.....






Great pictures, I totally agree!  I have pretty terrible natural eyebrows so I really rely on my Anastasia pencil to make up the difference.  Nicely shaped brows can absolutely transform a face!


First off, you have such a beautiful, exotic look! Very lovely! Smiley Happy

As far as the eyebrows go, I completely agree! I do shape mine with a VERY defined arch, and I'm a bit obsessed with the Hollywood vintage bombshell look, so my eyebrows are always in the Marilyn type style these days haha Smiley Happy But I completely agree with having to shape and keep the eyebrows groomed! 


Aww thanks doll! I just ugh hate my eyebrows but I have to make the best of it! right lol...


You look great! As an esthetician who does a lot of brow waxing, I can tell you that you can grow them back even if they are overly tweezed. Firstly, put away the tweezers. Secondly, don't tweeze, wax, or thread any hairs about 1/4" below your brows. This may seem like a large area but hairs that seem to be too far below will actually grow longer and fill in the area above. Thirdly, be patient! Hair may take upwards of a month just to see an 1/8" growth. So this may take several months. One trick I've recommended is eyeshadow often makes the stray hairs less visible. You can try brow growth or lash growth serums on the brow area, they really do promote growth. Two to try are Revitalash and Billion Dollar Brows. Look for them online. I'm Asian with brows that aren't as full as I'd like, been penciling mine for years. Another trick is to use a brow brush or spoolie brush and LIGHTLY run it through after applying pencil or powder. It lifts a little of the color, creating the dimensional look that real hair has. This creates the spaces between the hairs. Never use a pencil the same shade as your hair for the most believably natural born with it look. Always lighter for medium/dark hair and darker for blonde/light brown. Red heads from strawberry blonde to auburn to brilliant red should avoid reds and opt for warm browns with red tones. Neutral to cool toned brunettes should always avoid red browns and go for neutral browns. Never use black for black hair and go with darkest brown unless you have dark chocolate to ebony skin. When it grows back, have it professionally shaped at least once. Hope this helps anyone with brow problems!


Thanks for the advice! Smiley Happy and the compliment


The most I do with my brows is brush them with a brow comb so that all the hairs face the same way (and to brush out any foundation/powder that might be stuck to them) and pluck a stray here and there every once in a blue moon. I like my brows as they are, they aren't too thick or too thin and they don't have gaps. I also like their natural color and don't want to make them look darker or lighter. I tried a couple of brow pencils but didn't like how it made my brows look--very drawn on and almost cartoon like. I love it on you, but hated it on me.


Making sure they are going the same direction is important, gotta love having a little wax for "warlock" brow days when they just won't agree! Smiley Tongue


I wish thats all i had to do ! lol i need  a lot of help in the eyebrow dept. lol...Lucky you <3


I know! I have eyebrows but since im blonde they would NEVER show up in picks! Finally I started drawing them in but i have to be careful or else I look like a barbie doll!

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