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Dupe for Nars All About Eve

I'm looking for a dupe for the Nars Eyeshadow Duo called All About Eve. I LOVE THESE COLORS but I've recently realized that my eyes just do not like Nars products. My eyeballs literally ache everytime I put a Nars product near them.


Please help me find a substitute !!!!


P.S. also unable to use eye shadows by Tarte or Urban Decay



Re: Dupe for Nars All About Eve

Hi Arlandria88, sorry about your allergy to Nars!  Here are some brand/ color recommendations to check out:


Buxom Stay-There Eye Shadow, Collie



Sephora Collection Colorful Duo Eyeshadow, 10 Golden Pink


Sephora Collection Microsmooth Eyeshadow Trio, 03 Sunset



Smiley Happy -Laura

Re: Dupe for Nars All About Eve

@Laurabt---- the Sephora Golden Pink duo is on sale. Does that mean it's being discontinued?

Re: Dupe for Nars All About Eve

@Laurabt..... furthermore, when ANYTHING is on sale here on the site.... does that mean it's being discontinued??

Re: Dupe for Nars All About Eve

@MaybeMaybe- yes, generally when individual products go on sale, they are being discontinued. Smiley Happy -Laura

Re: Dupe for Nars All About Eve

Yes, this duo is being discontinued, so get it while it's still available for a great price!  Smiley Happy -Laura

Re: Dupe for Nars All About Eve

Hi Arlandria88-


I also wanted to add one more suggestion!


Hourglass Gypsy - peach ivory shimmer/ bronze shimmer


<3 Melissa

Re: Dupe for Nars All About Eve

Hi Melissabt and Laurabt----


Thank you for these suggestions. I'm going to have a look at all of them Smiley Happy

Re: Dupe for Nars All About Eve

Stila's Shadow Trio in warm might work? (the two lightest shades)

The trickest part with duping that Nars duo is going to be the finish!

Even though the description says shimmer it's really just a subtle satin. GOOD LUCK!!


Re: Dupe for Nars All About Eve

@Maybemaybe----- You're right. I don't want much shimmer. The trio you posted looks good. I like Stila eyeshadows a lot! But so far I'm leaning toward the Sephora Duo, Golden Pink (it's on sale though so I'm guessing it's being discontinued Smiley Sad  )

Re: Dupe for Nars All About Eve

@Arlandria88...... if none of the suggestions here work out maybe you could just try a powder foundation on your lids to get that polished nude look?? I do that sometimes and then just use a darker shadow in the crease.

Re: Dupe for Nars All About Eve

Foundation on my eyelids makes my eyes hurt---- exactly the same kind of pain that the Nars shadows cause--- which is the reason I need to replace this particular shade in the first place.

Re: Dupe for Nars All About Eve

I do think the Colorful Duo shadows are being discontinued.  They used to have more colors (the one that I had is no longer available, I can see that).


I love the value of the Stila sets, although this one doesn't grab me like the ones I found last year did.  I like their shadows but you might get more shine than you are looking for.

Re: Dupe for Nars All About Eve

  • Have you tried LORAC unzipped or PRO pallette? Beautiful nudes with wonderful lasting power & great blend ability. I have sensitive eyes, they don't ache but sting & itch, & I can wear, actually LOVE LORAC shadows. 
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