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Drugstore vs Luxury Mascara

Drugstore brands can be either horrid or wonderful, but as I've discovered, the best brand for mascara from either or are these:



They're Real! -Benefit Cosmetics

(Why? It's amazing for length, de-clumping and for overall look)



Exact Eyelights -Covergirl

(Bye bye clumps, hello long, natural looking lashes that match your eye colour and suites your eyes perfectly!! )


The worst ones, are here:



Flawless Definition -Bare Minerals

(It did nothing for me! It just made my eyelashes look clumpy and short.)



Illegal Length -Maybelline

(Impossible to get off, which is good, but bad when you really need to take it off. It also smells odd and is sticky.)


Add your comments about your faves!!

RE: Drugstore vs Luxury Mascara

My favorite drugstore mascara is L'oréal Lash Paradise, and my favorite "luxury" mascara is Benefit They're Real! I also really like Maybelline Lash Sensational and Benefit Roller Lash

RE: Drugstore vs Luxury Mascara

My favorite combo is Diorshow maximizer plumper sérum and Mac extended play gigalash. I have board straight eyelashes and the maximizer gives just enough lift without them touching my eyebrows. I also figured out the trick of doing one eye at a time, maximizer then mascara, so the maximizer doesn’t dry before you put mascara on.

My favorite drugstore brand is Loreal Voluminous Lash. Al...

My favorite drugstore brand is Loreal Voluminous Lash. Allure just mentioned a new $5 mascara Essence Lash Princess. I have yet to try it. My all time favorite mascara is Lancome Hypnose and Benefits Better than Sex. I really do not like Clinique High Impact.

Re: My favorite drugstore brand is Loreal Voluminous Lash. Al...

@SasseeCee I am dying to try the Lash Princess!  Glad to see another Allure reader here!

Re: Drugstore vs Luxury Mascara

Best Luxury

-They're Real-Benefit (I started off hating this one. For some reason I couldn't get it to work. I got it in the Lash Stash and used the Tarte Primer with it which was terrible. Even when trying it on it's own it clumped. Strangely after it dried out a little it became one of my favorite mascaras. I thought this was really odd.)


-Fairy Drops (This one was just so easy to apply, looked perfect every time, and I loved the brush.)


- Just For Redheads Voyage (Really like everything about this one. The color is perfect, natural look, long, and full lashes.)


-Korres Volcanic Minerals Volumizing Mascara (Nice full long black lashes and easy to apply)


Best Drugstore 

-Physicians Formula Organic Wear 



Worst Luxury 

-Too Faced Lash Gasm (I hated this one it performed about as good as a $1 mascara. I gave it away and they didn't like it either.)


-Makeup Forever Smoky Lash (This one was just flaky and did very little for me)


- Sephora Collection Lash Booster (The formula is way to wet and sloppy. All your lashes just stick together.) 


-Buxom (It's like I can't get anything to deposit on my lashes. I have to swipe it sixty times to get just an average look.)


Bad Drugstore 


-All Covergirl (I just avoid this brand when it comes to mascara. I've yet to find a decent one. I think I've tried almost all of theirs and I hate them all. They all clump, and the only one that doesn't has the most awkward brush in existence because of it's fat handle and such.)


-All Revlon (Tried so many of these. They are just bad, they go from one extreme to the other.)





Re: Drugstore vs Luxury Mascara

Am I the only one that thinks hat the bare minerals Lash Domination mascara is awesome?!

Re: Drugstore vs Luxury Mascara

BEST luxury mascara:: Benefit - Theyre Real *hands down, i was blown away by how amazing my lashes looked when i tried it for the first time.


Best drugstore: Mega Plush mascara by Maybelline

It made my lashes look fuller and just plain plush Smiley Happy


Worst luxury mascara: haven't found one yet but then again i dont have many mascaras.


Worst drugstore mascara: L’Oréal Telescopic Explosion Mascara (picture down below) This is the worst of the worst.

I mean wow... it's sad. Pictures say a thousand words right?



(picture courtesy of google image search)

Re: Drugstore vs Luxury Mascara

Have you tried the Givenchy? The formula is so much better! I like the ball applicator, it's so easy to get the tiny lashes in the corner without going heavy on the rest. 


Re: Drugstore vs Luxury Mascara

I tried the Telescopic one. It was strange and only good for coating things lash by lash. I ended up using it as a mascara to simply tint my bottom lashes with. 

Re: Drugstore vs Luxury Mascara

lol, looks more like a torturing device.

Re: Drugstore vs Luxury Mascara

Seeing that I haven't really discovered much luxury/high end mascaras as of yet. I have 2 that are so amazing !.


Luxury/High End -


Diorshow Waterproof Mascara, it's a product that really gives me the volume and definition that I desire. I have naturally long lashes and it really makes them stand out very much. No clumping and worth the money and also one to build up on. 


Make Up Forever Aqua Lash - You can't go wrong with this product because from what I have heard and learned most of their products are designed to be water resistant. It gives me length and definition without the clumps You can also layer it pretty good as well at least I can. 



Drugstore - I have a select few of them that I can say are go to mascaras. Their affordability is phenomenal and they really work well for those who want volume and length. 


Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black Waterproof - I think that out of the drugstore brands you can't go wrong with this product. I can swipe this over my lashes and with 1 coat it makes my lashes dark and long and I can usually put a few coats of this on before it starts to get too thick. I do find though that depending on your activity it can flake a bit through the day. However I still love it anyways. I believe it retails around $ 11 - $ 12 bucks here in Canada. 


Maybelline Lash Stilleto Waterproof - This mascara is another one that is very similar to the Carbon Black and it does give me very long lashes it lasts the entire day and from what I know it doesn't flake at all. 


Maybelline Illegal Lengths Waterproof - I love the concept of this product. The lash fibers really give my already long lashes a very false lash look. They'd be great for going out to a club or someplace where you want your lashes to be very dramatic. Great product for the price.


Maybelline The Falsies Waterproof - Again another great product for insane length and definition for half the price of most drugstore mascaras that aren't up to doing the job.


Covergirl Lashblast Waterproof - I like this product, it gives me great volume and length but the brush is ridiculous. The brush itself is very big and bristles are tiny. So trying to get into the corners of your lashes might end up you poking yourself in the eye. Trust me... I have done that and it was a mess from there on out. It's cheap it's effective and it does good. 


Covergirl Lashblast 24 HR - I owned this, used it once and this is beyond smudge proof or waterproof. It feels like it's permanent. You literally can't get this stuff off with any traditional soap and water or makeup remover. It needs to be used with the Covergirl makeup remover. I've heard it works well so it might be great if your very heavily active. Not waterproof but claims to be smudge proof. So it'd be trial and error lol.



Re: Drugstore vs Luxury Mascara

Best Luxury:

  • Lancome Hypnose Star Doll Lashes
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay
  • Benefit BadGal

Want to try YSL Baby Doll & Buxom next (wish I could find minis!) My loves=drier formulas and not so much are the watery ones that smudge all over my eyelids two seconds after I apply, I feel like the watery ones make my eyelashes look limp.


Worst Luxury:

  • Too Faced Better than Sex
  • Bare Minerals Lash Domination
  • Benefit They're Real
  • Tarte Lights Camera Lashes
  • Guerlain (love the smell, not the formula)

Best Drugstore:

  • Loreal Telescopic - no matter what I'm wearing on my top lashes, this goes on the bottom as the wand is tiny enough to get all the hairs without getting all over everywhere else.
  • Revlon Fabulash - was my HG before I started buying high-end

Worst Drugstore:

Covergirl - I hate that fat, huge packaging. Regardless of the formulation, there is no way I'm lugging that big of a mascara around.

Re: Drugstore vs Luxury Mascara

You are speaking my language! I received two samplers of They're Real and they were awful, totally clumped everywhere, was so wet it did nothing for my lashes. I love BadGal and was hopeful that Benefit's other formulas would be as great. Oh well.

Re: Drugstore vs Luxury Mascara

Love my mini samples! I rarely buy full size, but They're Real was such a dud.

Re: Drugstore vs Luxury Mascara

I have short, straight lashes, so my needs may be different:


First, before any mascara, Dior's Lash Plumping Serum..


Lux - Hello Lashes(it Cosmetics), Precise Volume Waterproof (Shu Uemura), FiberWig (dejavu)


Drugstore - PhotoReady 3D Volume (Revlon), Falsies Volume Waterproof (Maybelline)

Re: Drugstore vs Luxury Mascara

Best luxury: Lancome Hypnose Drama, Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill, Tarte Better Than Sex, Benefit They're Real, Buxom Buxom mascara. All are great at lengthening, Lancome, GA and Tarte give more volume, while GA, Benefit and Buxom are better at defining individual lashes. Also, all of them have excellent staying power, although Lancome dries out faster than others (in the tube).

Worst luxury: Dior. I've tried three - Black Out, Diorshow and Iconic. All three gave me spider legs for lashes.


Best drugstore: all various Covergirl Lash Blasts. Great for natural(but better) looking lashes. If you're a blonde and/or have a red tone to your hair, try any of them in brown. Seriously, looks like you have nothing on, but your lashes are defined and enhanced.

Worst drugstore: Maybelline - every single one that I've tried - which was about 6-7 different varieties over the years - it smears all over the eye area in the first 3 weeks, and flakes after that.

Re: Drugstore vs Luxury Mascara

Best LUX:

 Lancôme Defincils


Maybelline Volume Express, or Covergirl Professional Mascara

Re: Drugstore vs Luxury Mascara

Best Luxury Mascara:  Too Faced Better Than Sex, glides on smooth , thickens and lengthens. 


Worst Luxury Mascara: Too Faced Lash Injection, its dry and clumpy and my lashes looked stupid.


Best Drugstore Mascara:  Maybelline  Lash Extension, it has little fibers that attach to your lashes making you look like you're wearing falsies.

Re: Drugstore vs Luxury Mascara

Ours are opposites! I love Lash Injection (well most formula's, haven't tried the most recent one) and hated the Better Than Sex. It never fully dried on me Smiley Sad 

Re: Drugstore vs Luxury Mascara

Fave luxury mascara is definitely YSL Baby doll! I wasn't very blessed in the lash department but this mascara does amazing things for me! It lengthens beyond belief, is non-clumpy and actually smells pretty darn good! 

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