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Do your eyelids itch?

I have tried different primers, eyeshadows, even not wearing eyeshadows at all, but I still find my eyelids itch, not a lot just to the point where I find myself scratching without realizing it. Am I alone in this?

Re: Do your eyelids itch?

Kat Von D's eyeshadows make my eyes itch like crazy; I think it's because of the extract she puts in them.


I also can't do MAC (and thus, Estee Lauder) purplish-red shadows, because of the dye. They don't make my eyes itch. They make my eyes swell.

Re: Do your eyelids itch?

It sounds like you're allergic to something. I've had this problem with some eyeliners in the past and some eyeshadows long ago. Go without for a few days and see if it goes away- then you would know if its allergic reaction vs dry skin.

Re: Do your eyelids itch?

happens to me, too -- I am allergic to red pigments in eye products (even in colors like purple that you may not realize have red in them).  this is fairly common.


If I put something on that I am allergic to, the reaction sometimes lasts (itchy eyelids, red, even dry and flaking) for MONTHS after that.  So I have learned to be super careful!


I found diligent application of hypoallergenic rich eye cream 2-3x daily, PLUS application of a non-puffing gel did the trick for me.  It took weeks, but finally all better.


I use Kiehl's Eye Alert  Gel in the blue tube (not the depuff stick I hate that), and I also use Kiehl's Rosa Arctica heavy cream on my eyes.  That second one is not technically eye cream but it's the heaviest hypo-allergenic moisturizer that works for me, so I use it on my lids and find it non-irritating (fragrance free, etc.).




Re: Do your eyelids itch?

Do you use an eye cream at all?  It might just be the weather changes if you're in a colder climate. 


Last year I started having terribly itchy, flaky skin on my eyelids.  I don't know what started it.  I started using Clinique's All About Eyes because it can go on eyelids, too.  I was using it about 4 times a day because my eyes were so itchy and sore, but they cleared up.  Thankfully it hasn't started happening again (and I still think it's a nice eye cream).

Re: Do your eyelids itch?

Some products have silicone that doesn't work for some people. Could be under the name dimethicone.  Thats only one of many many ingredients of makeup though :/

Re: Do your eyelids itch?

It sounds like you are having an allergic reaction to something. 

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