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Do you prefer eyebrow powder or pencil?

I want to know what are your favorite eyebrow products if you fill in your brows! Do you prefer powder or pencil? What's your routine?


I personally now prefer pencil only because it's quicker. I usually fill them in with a eyebrow pencil, then use a spooly to blend it out and make it look more natural, then conceal around my eyebrows to make it nice, and lastly use a clear brow gel to finish it off for the long day ahead! 


Do you have any HG eyebrow products??

Re: Do you prefer eyebrow powder or pencil?

yee it sure does Smiley Wink

Re: Do you prefer eyebrow powder or pencil?

I use the prestige cosmetics eyebrow pencil that I got at ulta. I have very light ash blonde brows and most other products make my eyebrows too reddish, and really unnatural. Plus, this was like $5.

Re: Do you prefer eyebrow powder or pencil?

I do need to get myself a pencil for days when I am in a rush, but right now I use and love MUFE Aqua Brow applied with an angled brush.  I am #15-blonde.


Re: Do you prefer eyebrow powder or pencil?

I prefer brow powder just because I feel I can get more range in terms of application depending on what tool I use and how I use that tool. Different brushes give different looks and depending on how the brush is angled or pressed against the brow along with pressure can change the completed look.


I'm a fan of Smashbox's Brow Tech duo powders and wax along with Benefit's Brow Zings kits. My go to brow brush is Smashbox's angled brow, the hairs are coarser and sturdier and don't give under pressure.

Re: Do you prefer eyebrow powder or pencil?

I use Brow zings to shape the bottom and add length but i use a mac brow pencil to add a sharper line to the top, and make the arch more intense, then i use brow gel to keep it from fading through out the day

Re: Do you prefer eyebrow powder or pencil?

I use both! I find that powder on its own doesn't give me that really defined look without lining my arches first with a pencil. I actually just recently (this week) changed my brow routine up a bit.

I line my lower and upper brows using Anastasia's Brow Wiz pencil, then carefully fill them in a bit using the Perfect Brow Pencil. I top it off with a bit of the Brow Powder Duo to finalize everything, then run a spooley brush through my arches to give everything a more natural look.





Whimsically yours,

Re: Do you prefer eyebrow powder or pencil?

I usually do powder because I just need a little fill in and I feel I have better control over how much pigment I get with a powder. I love the Anastasia powder because it has the two shades you can mix to get the perfect shade.

Yesterday the Anastasia trainer was in and she did my brows by doing Brow Fix BEFORE the powder and omg they looked amazing!  I hadn't given that product much thought before because I don't have unruly brows but it makes SUCH a good primer! For normal to dry skin that is,  for normal to oily skin use Brow Gel first.




Re: Do you prefer eyebrow powder or pencil?

I don't have eyebrows, so I use an eyebrow pencil to lightly line/shape where I want my eyebrows.  Then I put a light layer of Anastasia Brow Powder Duo on the eyebrow pencil line.  Next I use the Anastasia Eyebrow Pen (the powder helps the pen cling) followed by more Brow Powder.  My eyebrows have been coming out much more even since I started "drafting" with the pencil first.  I use the Anastasia angled synthetic bristled brush for the powder.

Re: Do you prefer eyebrow powder or pencil?

Pencil pencil.  I love Clinique's Ultrafine Pencil, but I just got an Anastasia pencil.

Re: Do you prefer eyebrow powder or pencil?

I love the Urban Decay brow box, but the lightest color is still a bit dark for me so it is going to last me forever with the amount I use. When I decide to have bright colored hair (red, green, pink, whatever) I bleach my eyebrows and color them in with lipliner or eyeliner matching my hair color. Then the brow box is invaluable when they are growing back in a normal color!!

Re: Do you prefer eyebrow powder or pencil?

I have light, ash-blonde brows that are naturally on the thin-side to boot - although i have a nice natural arch so it isn't all grim Smiley Happy.


Right now i'm using the Chanel brow pencil in Blonde Clair.  I like it quite a bit as it fills them in and is not at all reddish (a problem with most "blonde" brow pencils, i've noticed).  It comes with a spoolie on the end which is nice.


Another good one is Laura Mercier in blonde taupe, i believe?  


Regardless, they're still all a tad too dark but i don't mind that generally, as i like the contrast between my brows and super-light hair.  

Re: Do you prefer eyebrow powder or pencil?

My favorite eyebrow product is not made for brows. It's a root cover powder called ColorWow that I apply with Benefit's brow brush then run a spoolie through to soften. I love it because it stays all day without the need for brow gel. I originally got it from QVC, but Ulta also carries it.

Re: Do you prefer eyebrow powder or pencil?

I definitely use powder, I naturally have thick coarse eyebrows. So when I tried pencil it just looked way too dramatic. So I use a brownish eyeshadow and then apply Anastasia brow gel. Which I absolutely love!

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