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Dealing with corneal arcus senilis

I’m a 62-year-old African American woman with corneal arcus senilis (CAS). My eyes are brown. The CAS has shown up in a blue color. For years I was not aware of having it. I could not see it in mirrors. People kept remarking on my blue contacts and how pretty they were. I had no idea what they were talking about. Then I saw my eyes in a photo and OMG, they looked just like my mother’s!! I was devastated because I absolutely hated my mother’s strange colored eyes (we didn’t have the best relationship, to put it mildly, but that is not on topic). Anyway, hearing so many people comment on how pretty my contact lenses are, I figure rather than buying colored contacts to hide the CAS or looking into cosmetic surgery to get rid of it – if there is such a thing -maybe I could play it up with makeup. My corneas are in bad shape with brown blotches, capillaries, and this CAS. I’m afraid there will be a fine line between enhancing and accenting the negative. Has anyone else ever thought about this esthetic problem? WP_20180708_19_08_45_Pro 1.jpgThe bright sunlight washed out the color in these photos


WP_20180708_19_09_19_Pro 1 1.jpgThe CAS is more blue in person


WP_20180708_19_09_19_Pro 1(1) 1.jpgI have beige pencil on my waterline

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  • I have beige pencil on my waterline
  • The bright sunlight washed out the color in these photos
  • The CAS is more blue in person