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Cruelty free mascara

Can anyone recommend a good cruelty free mascara?

Re: Cruelty free mascara

My favorite mascara, CHARLOTTE TILBURY - Legendary Lashes Volume 2 Mascara, is completely cruelty free. Charlotte Tilbury doesn’t test on animals, agree to third party testing, or sell products in countries that require animal testing. Not every CT product is vegan, but this mascara’s on CT’s list of vegan products. 


I have short straight lashes. I hate lash curlers so I vary rarely use them. Without a lash curler, one coat of this mascara lifts my lashes and gives them good, natural-looking volume and length. Two coats really amps up the length and volume. I usually stop there. Three coats gets close to falsies territory Smiley Very Happy but I don’t often go that far, mostly because I don’t want/need that look and it’s not easy to apply a 3rd coat without causing flaking.


At just 1 or 2 coats, LLV2 doesn’t smudge or flake on me. It doesn’t irritate my eyes, which I can’t say for many other mascaras. I should mention that I never coat my bottom lashes with mascara because my eyes are fairly sensitive: they water periodically throughout the day when irritated by other things, and sometimes I can’t resist rubbing my eyes when they’re itchy. Also, I’m just really messy at applying mascara to my bottom lashes, so I don’t bother. Smiley Very Happy 

Re: Cruelty free mascara


In order, here are my favs 

IT COSMETICS - Superhero™ Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara

PRETTY VULGAR - The Feathers Mascara

Butter London Stroke of Wow (careful with the wand on this one. It’s different lengths on each side to help you add volume. I’ve poked my eye a few times). 


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