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Creme eyeshadow

Hi, I'm looking for a matte creme shadow. Does anyone know of any good ones?  I would like to find a nude color since I have light/fair skin

Re: Creme eyeshadow

Thanks everyone! I will definitely have to check these all out!! Many thanks!

Re: Creme eyeshadow

Benefit has good ones and for drugstore maybelline color tattoo are good too! Also as Daeidre mentioned Mac paint pots are good too! 

All are reasonably priced to try out. With benefit you can try at sephora or Ulta and see how it works on your lids. For Mac you can try at one of their stores; but with maybelline you may not be able to try before buying.

Re: Creme eyeshadow

MAC Paint Pots are great and come in a lovely range of neutral-ish colours. Painterly (cool toned) or Soft Ochre (warm tones) are their palest mattes, but they have a lot of mid-range ones too. I have Soft Ochre and Camel Coat, which is a light taupe and really nice as a base for darker eye looks. They work really well on their own or as a base for other shadows.

Re: Creme eyeshadow

I've heard so many good things about Painterly on YouTube and BT. I went to my MAC store a couple weeks ago to buy it, but the SA said it would be terrible as an eyeshadow base for someone with oily eyelids. Can anyone comment on that?


I do not necessarily trust her opinion because the whole experience was terrible on many levels. My SA was more interested in introducing her sister to her coworkers than helping me, and I had to wait 10 minutes for anyone to talk to me. I'm not easy to miss; I was standing stock still in the middle of the store, calmly looking from SA to SA, towering over everyone in the room except the security guard.


Sorry, this is dangerously close to a thread hijack. My main point was that at least according to this preoccupied SA, the paint pots aren't good for oily eyelids. Anyone have different info?

Re: Creme eyeshadow

I have oily eyelids (but not terribly oily) and I use Painterly paint pot as a base. That is funny because it was suggested to me by MAC MUA to use as a base. I do experience slight creasing after 8 hours of wearing on a hot day, but I think that might be true for other bases as well. I've also tried BENEFIT COSMETICS Creaseless Cream Shadow and it lasted for 10 hours before starting to crease, so it worked a little better than MAC (but not dramatically better).


Overall both are great bases, and I love how with Painterly you can get clear canvas to work on (I have visible capillaries on my eyelids and it covers them perfectly) and I also love Benefit - they come in a lot of pastel colours which would probably look good on anyone, and the shimmer is great too, but maybe not quite daytime appropriate, and also because of shimmer you won't want to bring it high up.


I haven't personally used Maybelline Color Tattoos, but considering that they are waterproof, they should have great staying power as well. 


And I completely agree with daeidre - both MAC and Benefit cream eyeshadows work better as a base when you put some king of powder product on top. I thought it was just me, but good to know I'm not alone Smiley Happy


Re: Creme eyeshadow

My eyelids are fairly oily and I find the Paint Pots work pretty well. Generally I'll get better wear out of them as a base than on their own-- they crease less and hold up under tougher conditions when they're 'set' with a powder. Even if I just want them as a single-colour wash, I'll set with a translucent powder if I need them to look good all day. Over all, though, I think they set to a drier finish than Color Tattoos or any other cream eyeshadows I've tried. They definitely don't crease as quickly as a 'wetter' cream.

Re: Creme eyeshadow

Thank you for the response! I really wanted it for a base. I recently went insane at Sugarpill, and I am very new to those types of bright colors. It seemed like a base would be a good idea. I am going to try Painterly despite the SA's naysaying. Thanks again!

Re: Creme eyeshadow

I think you might like Dior Diorshow Fusion Mono Matte Eyeshadow in Mirage. The formula is great, and the color is a beautiful taupe. The only reason I returned it is because mattes look terrible on me. The other mattes Dior has are Celeste, Fantaisie, and Nocturne (supposedly).

Givenchy recently came out with a line of Ombre Couture Cream Eyeshadows. You may be interested in Taupe Velours, which I believe is matte, or at least satin. I purchased in Prune Taffetas. The formula is creamier than the Dior, and lasts a long time.

Re: Creme eyeshadow

Agreed!  I have a few of the Dior shadows (love them!) and the new Givenchy Cream shadows are on my Wish List!

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