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Corrector or Highlighter/Brightener?

I am trying to decide whether I should get the bobbi brown corrector or a brightening pen for under my eyes. Currently, I use the NARS creamy concealer and the smashbox under eye primer and I would like to be able to wear these things with whatever I get. I want the finish under my eyes to be bright, but still natural and smooth. (I have so much trouble getting a smooth finish!)   I am contemplating on getting:


- bobbi brown corrector

- givenchy mister light

- marc jacobs remedy concealer pen

- ysl touche eclat 


also, quick question, how should I set my concealer? Because I feel like powder only makes it look more dry and flakey. My eyes tend to get very dry and end up looking flakey and cakey even a few minutes after I finish my make up.



Re: Corrector or Highlighter/Brightener?

Hi lovebaking -


I would second Randee's recommendation of the LM Secret Brightening Powder as setting powder for your under eye area.  It doesn't settle into fine lines or get cakey.  I don't think it is very "brightening" but it is not glittery, which I definitely wouldn't want around my eye.


I recently added Dior's HydraLife BB Eye Creme to my morning routine and have been very pleased with the results.  It brightens the entire eye area without being shiny/glittery - i.e., obvious.  I like that I can use one product that does so many things at once - treat, sunscreen, conceal and illuminate.  I still use concealer on the inner corner of my eye, but have found Dior's BB Eye Creme is enough to conceal the dark shadows directly under my eye and towards the outer corner.  (I hated having to use concealer there because it always seems to show off the fine lines!)  I do three light dots around my eyes in the morning and blend.  This BB absorbs very well - it doesn't sit on the skin, so I think it would blend in with your other products very well.


Please let us know what you end up getting and how you like it.  Happy shopping!



Re: Corrector or Highlighter/Brightener?

I am set on getting the powder now. I am going to look into the dior, seems very intriguing... 

Re: Corrector or Highlighter/Brightener?

I have the Bobbi corrector, concealer, and the brightening pen.  I use them all sometimes with different products, trying different things.  I think any of them can be used with other concealer type items.  The Bobbi corrector is thick and opaque.  It hides dark circles really well.  The brightening pen does exactly what you'd think it would do, brightens and adds a bit of 'light' there.  It is very sheer and will not cover much at all.  But if you use it over a concealer, it really does help reflect some light and just brighten and make you look younger, more alert, more alive.


I personally just discovered the Smashbox under eye primer and love it as well.  I typically do that, Bobbi corrector and concealer, and the the rest of make-up, finish with a dab of the brightening pen for a finishing touch.  One secret I learned here on beauty talk for thick concealers like the Bobbi corrector is to use Sephora's airbrush concealer brush.  It really helps buff it out and prevent creasing and settling.

Re: Corrector or Highlighter/Brightener?

I just bought the brush actually and I like it a lot and I think I am going to have to go back to try and get the corrector. 

Re: Corrector or Highlighter/Brightener?

Hi lovebaking123,


I like setting my undereye concealer with Laura Mercier's Secret Brightening Powder. I was never able to use a powder to set my undereye concealer before finding this one. This powder is extremely finely milled and always looks extremely natural under my eyes. 


I like lightly dabbing the powder under my eyes with a large eyeshadow brush. My favorite brush to use with it is Sephora Collection's Classic Large Powder Shadow Brush #62. It is the perfect size and density for applying this powder. Smiley Very Happy

<3, Randee

Re: Corrector or Highlighter/Brightener?

thank you! I am going to get this powder tomorrow. Crossing my fingers! Smiley Happy

Re: Corrector or Highlighter/Brightener?

YSL comes in a variety of shades, so if you get the right one it won't look strange. 

I usually use an eye serum, then the Dior BB eye (for SPF) and then the ysl anywhere that I still need a little pick me up. 

With the brightening pens, a little goes a long way. I use one to two click for both eyes, nose, lips. Then pat it in. 

Re: Corrector or Highlighter/Brightener?

Personally, I think using YSL Touche Eclat under the entire eye area looks fake--like a reverse raccoon. I was told to do this by a MUA and I did so for awhile, until I saw how bad it looked. I wanted to cover dark circles, and it didn't do this at all.

I also struggled with concealers being too sticky, cakey, or drying.

What I ended up doing was get a corrector that's orange (to cancel out the blue). I first put on a light eye serum, then blot on the corrector where it's needed (don't spread it everywhere, or it will look fake). Then make up eyes, then dot eye cream on top of corrector (so don't displace it, smoothing ever so slightly). Then apply foundation (if using). Then apply concealer only in areas needed. I find if I apply concealer after foundation, I need less. Also putting on eye cream before foundation and/or concealer gives me the extra moisture I need for the concealer to apply correctly and not cake or dry out my eyes.


My corrector and concealer are liquid--thus resolving the too thick/cakey/sticky/fake dilemma. The orange corrector I use is Giorgio Armani Maestro Corrector (color #2 orange). The concealer I use is Giorgio Armani Master Eraser. I've tried almost all the other concealers -- from Bobbi Brown to Benefit Erase Paste to MAC, and the lightweight liquid corrector/concealer and the sequence of application is what works for me.

Re: Corrector or Highlighter/Brightener?

I agree with andyhtrieu. Use an eye cream so it wont look dry.

I mix my eye cream with my concealer and it works too, no more dryness and flakiness Smiley Happy

Re: Corrector or Highlighter/Brightener?

I use an eye cream before I put on my concealer, but I have never mixed it with it. I will try that. Thanks! 

Re: Corrector or Highlighter/Brightener?

I've heard a lot of people suggest using an eye cream before your concealer to prevent it from looking dry. Wayne Goss recently made a video called "how to stop your concealer from creasing". I hope it helps Smiley Happy



Re: Corrector or Highlighter/Brightener?

I saw this and I started layering my eye cream before I put on concealer and I have yet to see a difference. :/ Maybe I should get liquid one to put on top of my nars. Thanks!

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