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Contouring Tips for an Eyeshadow Newbie?



Hey guys, I generally don't use eyeshadow, but I find that not contouring my lids makes the bronzer on my face look... odd.


I'm looking for tips on application and which eyeshadows to use for beige to tan skin (matte looks preferred) to make it so it looks like I'm not even wearing any at all.


I've looked at the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, but I'm not really sure how to go about applying different shades to different parts of my eye with which brushes...



I added a picture of myself. I don't really know what type of eye I have.... whenever I see "types of eyes" I feel like they can fit into more than one category. (Sorry in advance for the duck face... Ahaha.)



Re: Contouring Tips for an Eyeshadow Newbie?

Eye shadow application and contouring is very dependent upon your eye shape as you want to use techniques that will best flatter your bone structure and the dimensions of your face.


Look up YouTube tutorials and find a user who has eyes similar to yours and follow their instruction or go over visual guides and tailor them best to fit your eyes.


Too Faced's eye kits have tutorial cards that make pairing the use of 3 shades together super easy. Use a light, medium, and dark shade. The medium shade goes on the lid, the dark on the outer corner/crease, and light on the brow bone and inner corners to highlight.




You can also post a photo of yourself so we can get an idea of your eye shape and dimensions. There are dozens of tutorials online that can be found for the Naked 2 palette since it's such a hit if you need help pairing colors together.

Re: Contouring Tips for an Eyeshadow Newbie?

Added photos!

Re: Contouring Tips for an Eyeshadow Newbie?

Perfecto! Cute puppy by the way! Love that you don't shy away from expression! Your eye shape appears to be one that can carry off the basic 3-color use very well because you have a visible crease which exposes your lid as well, allowing for all 3 colors to be seen after application.


The key to application is understanding that darker colors will in essence add more "weight" or "pull" to the area you apply it, while lighter colors will give more "pop" and "draw out" areas applied. The reason darker colors are applied on the outer portions rather than the inner portions of the lid/eye is because our eyes are naturally sunken into and centered in our faces. If you add a dark color right in the middle, it makes the area look smaller and further back. To bring this area out, we use lighter or medium toned shades as to still draw attention but in a more flattering way. Your crease naturally provides a hint of shadow, so darker colors are used here to further emphasize and enhance this, playing up what is already there if you will.
Your brow bone is already the highest point of your eyes are it stands out structurally, so using a light color on this area will also provide contrast to the dark color near it and also play up the area.

Re: Contouring Tips for an Eyeshadow Newbie?

Thanks! He's my little lady-killer! Haha.


Love the advice! Any suggestions on particular pallets that may play up a dark yellow-green eye? I sometimes use plum eyeliner (since it's close enough to my usual black, anyway) to make the green pop out in my eyes. Not really sure how to do that with natural eyeshadow colors...

Re: Contouring Tips for an Eyeshadow Newbie?

Good call on the plum liner! The red in purples amp up the green in your eyes and purple and yellow are contrasting colors on the color wheel so they also play nice together! Too Faced's Romantic Eye kit would be gorgeous if you want to incorporate some soft shades that include some purple, lilac, and a gorgeous rustic olive!


As for neutral shadows, try looking into TF's Natural Eye (has a good range for neutrals), Natural at Night Eye (which is warmer than the regular Natural Eye kit), or if you want to avoid golds and metallics, go for the Naked Eye, which uses soft shell colors (which will help pop your eyes but not distract with colors that deviate too far from your skin tone, they also just launched a kit with brushes, liner, primer, and mascara).

Re: Contouring Tips for an Eyeshadow Newbie?

Hi Dolan,


It's possible that if you have a lot of makeup (blush, bronzer, highlighter) on your face-it's not evening out with the eyes and you may need more makeup. I feel the same way if I have a bold lip and nothing on my eyes!


I would actually not choose the Naked 2 since it has a lot of shimmer and very cool tones to it. You may be better off with a matte palette like the Too Faced Matte Eye Shadow Collection:

Too Faced - Matte Eye Shadow Collection


Or even the Kat Von D Ladybird True Romance palette:


Kat Von D - Ladybird True Romance Eyeshadow Palette

I usually recommend for an easy eye to do an all over base color on the lid (neutral medium shade) and use a contour brush for a darker shade in the outer corner. You can add more or less to the lid, or even add a highlighter shade under the brow but an easy look can be done with just two shades:


all over shadow brush #22

Classic All Over Shadow Brush - Small #22


Pro Blending Brush #27

Pro Blending Brush #27





Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Contouring Tips for an Eyeshadow Newbie?

How funny, Diana! We both made mention of the TF kits!

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