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Colourpop Colored Mascara

Girl screaming here! I looked around and saw no thread on this, so thought I would start one. This kinda goes around colored mascara in GENERAL! Finding a good colored mascara is difficult. It's either lacking pigment, or just BLEGH! A few days ago, though I got these mascara's from CP and WOW. I swatched Left On Red for you guy's.




Will you be trying it out? 

Re: Colourpop Colored Mascara

Wow! That looks great @lilleexoxo!

Colourpop Colored Mascara

That red looks AMAZING on you! I personally love Colourpop and I have to fight with myself constantly to not spend all of my money on their lippies and eyeshadow. But I don't know if I could pull off colored mascara like this - even though I love it, especially this red. I was just on their site and saw they have colored mascara and lip bundles for Valentine's Day, and I was so tempted to buy one! I might just have to now that I've seen this😂

Re: Colourpop Colored Mascara

That color is amazing on you, @lilleexoxo

Re: Colourpop Colored Mascara

Thank you @Titian06  Smiley Happy))

Re: Colourpop Colored Mascara

That looks just fabulous. @lilleexoxo  Very pretty. Seriously thinking about trying this. Thanks for the look. 

Re: Colourpop Colored Mascara

@femman I wear glasses, and found the blue and purple to be the best suited for a pop Smiley Wink! The price doesn't hurt to binge, hehe! 

Re: Colourpop Colored Mascara

It looks great on you, @lilleexoxo!

RE: Colourpop Colored Mascara

Looks amazing! Definitely want to try this.

Re: RE: Colourpop Colored Mascara

My favorite's are the red and blue Smiley Happy!!!

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