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Clumpy, gunky lower lashes!

So. I have finally ventured into adding liner to my waterline and I can't seem to master it. When I use black liner it is no big deal because my lashes are dark. But, when I use a peach color or white liner I get liner on my lashes every time! Any suggestions to avoid this?

Re: Clumpy, gunky lower lashes!

I think I learned a thing or two tonight.  Thanks!!  Smiley Happy


Re: Clumpy, gunky lower lashes!

I line the waterline and work the pencil into my lower lash line, then take a smudge brush and work it over the lash line, it cleans up the chunks and makes a nice smokey effect.

Re: Clumpy, gunky lower lashes!

The best tip I ever learned from a MUA to make liner stay is to pat the waterline dry before applying liner. I was always so confused about why waterproof liner wouldn't cut it, but it makes sense--it can't attach to a wet surface! Try that Smiley Happy

Re: Clumpy, gunky lower lashes!

Thank you! That does make sense. I will try that also tomorrow.  My waterline is going to look so good tomorrow!

Re: Clumpy, gunky lower lashes!

I line my waterline, clean up the excess on the lashes carefully with a q-tip, and then cover anything I miss with mascara on my bottom lashes

Re: Clumpy, gunky lower lashes!

Thanks! Thought I was doing something totally wrong. I will do that tomorrow.

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