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Clinique brush on cream liner?

I have a question is the CLINIQUE Brush-On Cream Liner easy to come off with makeup remover cloths? 

Re: Clinique brush on cream liner?

That is my favorite gel/cream liner! I've never tried to use a makeup remover cloth with it but I do have a hard time getting it off with regular makeup remover... I have a hard time getting any eye makeup off though so I wouldn't say it's any more difficult than other eyeliners or mascaras... I've yet to find an eye makeup remover that works really well!

Re: Clinique brush on cream liner?

I think it would depend on the remover cloth used, I've used a few brands and I can tell you that not all MUR cloths are created equal.


I still would suggested using a make up removing face wash or even make up remover (liquid or pads) made specifically for the eye to take off long wear products as you don't want to be rubbing and pressing so hard with a cloth on your delicate eye area.


A good rule of thumb for removing long wear eye make up, whether it's MUR cloths, eye make up remover soaked on a cotton ball or square, or just eye make up remover pads, hold the remover on your lid/eye area for a few seconds letting the remover soak and saturate the area, then gently wipe and sweep it off. Give it some time to break down the formula so you don't have to work as hard.

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