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Can't decide what to do...

I can't decide if I should just order the Naked palette from Urban Decay or hold out a bit longer to see if it is available at Sephora.  I keep seeing these rumors that Sephora should have it back in stock mid-late February and it would be nice to get the points.  But UD has it in stock now and I really don't want to miss out. 



Re: Can't decide what to do...

Oh man...thats a tough one. I've also been waiting for Sephora to get it back in stock. 

Truth is...I really want to see it person before I buy it since I know that there were a lot of problems with the last batch. But thats just me. 


Good luck making your decision! 



Re: Can't decide what to do...

It depends how long you can wait! I waited the first time for Sephora to get it back in stock (early January), and they really might have it back in stock soon. When I can, I wait for Sephora out of loyalty (and the VIB points!) -- but sometimes I get impatient. If you want it now, I would just order it from UD. It's $48, which is great for points, but it's not as if it's a huge amount of points that you won't make up in the future.


Good luck!


: )

Re: Can't decide what to do...

Its really a great palette! You should see if customer service will work with you on the points since you cant get it there.

Re: Can't decide what to do...

You could always call Sephora's Customer Service Help Line and ask them when the estimated shipment date is for the Naked Palette.  They may be able to give you a timeframe so you can decide if you want to wait to order or not.  The number is 1-877-SEPHORA and they are open 7 days a week to answer questions.

Hope this helps! Smiley Happy

Re: Can't decide what to do...

I'd just order it from UD.  Why wait and run the risk of missing out again?  You'll have used it so much by the time it's back in stock that you won't miss the points (it's not a huge amount anyway).

Re: Can't decide what to do...

Thanks everyone!  I went to order it on Wednesday from UD but it was already out of stock.  Of course I was cursing myself for hesitating.


Then on Friday it was back in stock so I ordered it right away!  I can't wait for it to get here!

Re: Can't decide what to do...

I want that naked Palette so bad too! Too bad that neither Sephora nor UD ships internationally and here in Brazil the cost for it is prohibitive!!

Re: Can't decide what to do...

I Would Order It!. and Then Of Course if u Dont Like What u See. Then Return it back to sephora Just Dont Wait to long Because You Never Kno when They Might Be Out Stock! I SAY TAKE THE RISK BUT THAT'S JUST ME..







I UnderStand It's A Bit Of a Pain in your Wallet But It's Up to u.

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