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Burgundy eyeliner

I am looking for a burgundy eyeliner, with no success. When I think I see one they always turn out to be too purple, red, wine, or brown. I would love to find one thats really a burgundy color. Any suggestions?

Re: Burgundy eyeliner

Hi 1930sbella,


I recently found my fav. burgundy liner. I think that this shade is really unique and gorgeous to pair with rose gold shadows.


Marc Jacobs Beauty
Highliner - Gel Crayon

Jazz (Berry) - raspberry purple with shimmer


jazz berry.jpg

<3 Melissa

Re: Burgundy eyeliner

If you're still looking, bareMinerals has a nice deep burgundy eyeliner called "Forever Brandy". Smiley Happy

Re: Burgundy eyeliner

Hi, 1930sbella!  I really like MUFE Aqua Liner in 11 Diamond Burgundy (sparkling plum burgundy).  If I hadn't read the description after I bought it, I wouldn't have even known there was a "sparkle" (if that might be a concern; I certainly didn't want a sparkly eyeliner!).  The color is very close to @keely's picture.

Re: Burgundy eyeliner

I was JUST going to recommend this color. I am wearing it today!

Re: Burgundy eyeliner

image.jpgMade you a swatch Smiley Happy

Re: Burgundy eyeliner

So - I just reached a new level in my makeup addiction.  I saw this swatch and loved the color.  I started to "love" it for a future purchase when I realized *ducks head* I might already have it and just not remember.  I vaguely remembered buying a MUFE eyeliner set, but I haven't even opened it yet.


And of course upon looking, I don't have it, so even though there are six MUFE eyeliners in my collection that I have never used, I will probably get this one soon.  Because it's gorgeous.  And a tad sparkly.  And burgundy, therefore perfect for my green eyes!  And because clearly I do not have enough eyeliner, nope, no siree... *rolls eyes*

Re: Burgundy eyeliner

Hi 1930sbella Have you tried MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Eyes in Burgandy 18L?


Re: Burgundy eyeliner

Thanks, I will definitely look at that!

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