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Brightly colors mascaras!

Hi ladies!  I was browsing in my local Sephora after work today and saw that Anastasia has a bright blue mascara and also a purple one!  It looked like so much fun especially with summer coming around the bend.


Just wondering if anyone is planning to sport a colored mascara this summer?  Dannyc, weren't you looking for a Chanel one a few weeks ago?  Did you ever find "the one"?


I would love something blue/greenish with a sparkly finish! 

Re: Brightly colors mascaras!

I have been dying to get this! I was afraid it would too purple. Definitely ordering this now! Thanks for the pic!

Re: Brightly colors mascaras!

Thanks! Not "too" purple", but still has a nice pop of color. 

Re: Brightly colors mascaras!

That looks so amazing with your eye color!Smiley Happy

<3 Melissa

Re: Brightly colors mascaras!

very nice... I like how it is noticeable and yet still wearable!

thanks for I want it ;-)


Re: Brightly colors mascaras!

Oooo VERY pretty! Thanks for sharing a photo!

Re: Brightly colors mascaras!

I LOVE this!  My fingers are twitching trying to resist it.  That looks like the purple I've been searching for!

Re: Brightly colors mascaras!

Hi Drragon,


I was thinking about wearing a bright blue for summer! I have the Urban Decay in Electric and I'll apply it to the bottom part of my eyes only and then add the mascara for an added pop of color.



<3 Melissa

Re: Brightly colors mascaras!

Speaking of sparkly finishes!


I easily add a dash of sparkle to my lashes with my glitter liners!


You can take the fine point brush tip and "paint"/dab flicks of glitter onto lashes direct or dispense some product onto your finger and lift it up to your lashes and "blink", letting your lashes hit the portion of your finger with the glitter gel liner to pick up a more subtle hint of sparkle.


This is great for parties and holidays and even for folks who find wearing a glitter liner too much on its own. It gives the product some versatility and still allows it to be used!

Re: Brightly colors mascaras!

I really like this idea... will definitely have to try!

Re: Brightly colors mascaras!

I just bought Chanel's new Blue Note mascara and it is pretty good, it's actually quite wearable and I wish it were even brighter!! I would love to add a purple and then I would be satisfied but haven't found a purple I like yet...

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