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Brightly colors mascaras!

Hi ladies!  I was browsing in my local Sephora after work today and saw that Anastasia has a bright blue mascara and also a purple one!  It looked like so much fun especially with summer coming around the bend.


Just wondering if anyone is planning to sport a colored mascara this summer?  Dannyc, weren't you looking for a Chanel one a few weeks ago?  Did you ever find "the one"?


I would love something blue/greenish with a sparkly finish! 

Re: Brightly colors mascaras!

oh wow that looks so cool and bright!  i gotta try it.  maybe only the JCP sephoras carry that color....


thanks for looking it up! Smiley Very Happy


*steals photo from website*

Re: Brightly colors mascaras!

The pink!  The pink!


I don't need it, but it's so very cool.

Re: Brightly colors mascaras!

I'm glad it's not at my local Sephora, that's the only thing stopping me from running out and getting it RIGHT NOW!


Wouldn't it be awesome to do orange all over and pink on the tips for eyelash ombre?

Re: Brightly colors mascaras!

I used to have an amazing burgundy mascara that I loved! Sadly it only started appearing during the holiday and winter seasons but I'm still on the search for a great purple-burgundy toned mascara like those from YSL or that Lancome and Benefit used to have. Smiley Happy


Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Brightly colors mascaras!

I have three of the four Chanel LE colored mascaras: Blue Note (cobalt blue), Aqua (teal-aqua), Zest (yellow).


I've worn the cobalt and the aqua to work (mostly just on tips)- but I find the colored mascaras fun.

Re: Brightly colors mascaras!

did those make it into one of the haul threads?  it does sound vaguely familiar....maybe it was the day you said stuff just kept jumping into your chanel shopping bags, lol.  Sounds like I should check out blue Note and Aqua!

Re: Brightly colors mascaras!

They did make it into the haul threads- aside from the yellow. Even I know that's a bit out there. (But it's appropriate for when I go to any number of game-watch parties),



Re: Brightly colors mascaras!

I wear Blue Note on my entire lashes- but just Aqua on the tips.


Re: Brightly colors mascaras!

It was a discontinued waterproof plum mascara from YSL. I just purchased the Givenchy, it should be arriving by UPS in a nice Sephora box with some other goodies tomorrow Smiley Happy I'll swatch it & let you know what I think. 

UD had a blue a few years back in the cannon ball (or was it big fatty... I can't remember). I think colored mascaras are so much fun for summer. You can still play up with your eyes, but don't need any shadow or eyeliner. I'm nervous on the purple though. Plum was perfect, purple might be a little too much for me. 

Re: Brightly colors mascaras!

@dannyc, do you use it on the whole lash or just tips?  definitely report back once you get your goodie box!  Smiley Very Happy

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