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Bobbi Brown eye shadow palettes?


   I find Bobbi Brown's eye shadow palettes to be one of the higher priced ones.. are they really worth that cost? 

people say different things about them and I know alot of people are affiliated with BB in the first place.. what would you say?

Re: Bobbi Brown eye shadow palettes?

I love some of  Bobbi Brown products. I didn't even know the company existed until about a year ago when I went on travel and stumbled into her line at Nordstrom's. The first thing I tried was her cream eye shadows. They used the cream shadow and gel eyeliner on me. It looked great but what sold me was the fact that I went to bed with my make up still on and when I woke up the next morning, it looked like it had just been applied. I then went about bought some eyeshadow pallets. In my opinion, those are nice but I don't notice anything special about them. I just returned the 58.00 Smokey Warm eye pallet. I cannot tell the difference between them and any other type of eyeshade brands I have (drug store or high end).

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