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Blonde mascara problems


I am not sure if this is the place to post a question, but I wasn’t sure where else to. Any opinions  would be much appreciated:) I’ve had platinum/bleach blonde hair my whole life. Since my brows and lashes are extremely light, when I where “black” mascara it looks very unnatural and dramatic, which I don’t want to wear on a every day bases. I want to wear a mascara that looks natural and pretty for a every day look. I’ve also tried a dark brown mascara, and it looked like “black” on my eyelashes. If you reader have any brands you know work on us blondes, or have any ideas on which color I should wear, please let me know. Much appreciated:) Thank you!

Re: Blonde mascara problems

Oh ya I also bought blonde false lashes from lashify. They were the best solution but expensive and I’m not the best at applying!

Re: Blonde mascara problems

I have the same problem and have had colour analysis done. Apparently the khaki coloured one from I think Dior may be a good bet. I still haven’t actually purchased this because of the price. Consider khaki or gray mascara. The browns also so far have read a bit dark. I then have to apply more makeup to balance the look. In the summer this is really not ideal. Could you post back if you find one that’s great?

RE: Blonde mascara problems

I would recommend the maybelline volume express in blackish brown (leans more on the brown side it’s in a teal tube) or Lancôme monsieur big in brown

Re: RE: Blonde mascara problems

Thank you:) 

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