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Better Than Sex

I recently received a sample of Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara and absolutely LOVED it, so I ordered the full size version.
I've had the full size for about 2 weeks now and UGH...not good! I don't like it at all, it's clumpy like crazy and just does not make my lashes look nice and full like the sample size does.
I've noticed that one of the 100 point perks is the sample size of Better Than Sex, so I'll get another when I go shopping today, but I'm so disappointed! The sample size works SO well, why doesn't the full size?
Anyone else ever notice this?

Re: Better Than Sex

I've had this happen with so many mascaras. I really wish we could just buy the minis. And on top of the full sizes not working as well, I hate throwing away a full size mascara after 3 months knowing there's still a ton left. 


Now I'm bummed because I just fell in love with Better Than Sex in the Lash Stash to Go set.  Have you tried wiping off some of the excess on the side or on a paper towel? That has helped in the past with some of the full size mascaras that became clumpy on me - they were just pulling up way too much mascara.

Re: Better Than Sex

This will happen with mascara; the formular for the mini is so much better than the full size. I stalk the 100 pks and also GWP's from Lancome (they are my HG) to get the mini version. My favorite mascara- Hypnose Doll Lashes is actually good full size, however, Defincils and Hypnose Star are better as mini's. We feel your pain! 

Re: Better Than Sex

Try adding a couple drops of contact solution to the tube. It helps "thin" the mascara so it doesn't get so clumpy.

Re: Better Than Sex

Personally, I don't think the formula is different in the sample size versus the full size... that would just be false advertising!! Haha.

I haven't tried Too Faced mascara yet but I did notice something similar with Benefit They're Real mascara... When I first opened a new tube of They're Real, the formula was way too wet, thick, and clumpy that I needed to use a toothpick to separate my lashes and it was so heavy that it was much harder for my lashes to hold a curl. But after using it here and there for a month or so, either I used up enough of the product that the wand was no longer pulling up too much excess product, or the formula had dried a little and then I *LOVED* it! It was no longer so wet and heavy that it pulled down my lashes and it no longer clumped... instead I had perfectly lifted and separated lashes, it was almost like I had used a completely different mascara! Now when I have a mascara that's too wet/clumpy, I'll let it sit a couple weeks to dry a little and then I'll try it again to see if I like it better. Smiley Very Happy

So I think that maybe the reason some people like the sample size better than the full size of a particular mascara might just be because either there is less product in the sample tube so the wand doesn't pick up way too much product or the formula dries faster allowing for a nicer consistency.

Re: Better Than Sex

I don't think the formula is different but maybe the size of the tube has something to do with it? I've had sample mascaras that worked better than their full size counterparts. Eh. A quick tip if you notice the mascara clumping. Try setting the tube in hot water. The heat will liquefy the mascara.  

Re: Better Than Sex

I find mini mascara's pick up less product which is why they tend to perform better. Simply taking a tissue a cleaning the excess off your mascara brush should help Smiley Happy

Re: Better Than Sex

This happened to me with the They're Real mascara. Loved the mini, hated the full-size. It was like two totally different mascaras. Not sure why this is.

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