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Best eyeshadow colour for your eye colour?

I am a drama queen when it comes to eye makeup. BIG wing, BOLD colours, LONG lashes. The whole d**n lot. Colour is a very present feature in my looks so I was wondering, whats your go-to colour combo for your eye colour? I'm doing a set of portraits of my makeup models for a project and I need info on what the public suggests. Thank you!!

- Annie x

Re: Best eyeshadow colour for your eye colour?

My eyes are blue, but can sometimes look more green depending on my makeup, clothing etc. I've noticed that neutral toned browns, grays, and light peaches tend to emphasize the blue of my eyes. In contrast, I've found that more warm-toned colors (warm browns, reds, mauves, warm pinks, etc.) tend to make my eyes look more green. So the best color for me really depends on what color I want my eyes to look that day.

Re: Best eyeshadow colour for your eye colour?

With my green eyes I tend to go toward more browns or dark red/maroon colors. I have worked with clients who have blue eyes who prefer dark smokey eyes. Blacks and dark grays or browns look amazing. 

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