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Best UD Naked Palette Tutorial

I just recently purchased the original naked palette, and there are so many tutorials everywhere! Can anyone recommend me a good beginners tutorial using the palette? Thanks! Smiley Happy


Re: Best UD Naked Palette Tutorial

I would just put the second lightest colour (foxy, wos or naked 2) all over the lid. Then lightly get some product from the 3rd darkest colour (naked 2 or faint) and put it in the entire crease and blend it a bit onto the eyelid and a bit past the crease. This should still look pretty natural. Then, I would get the next darkest colour (faint or crave) with a more tightly packed brush and make a shape like this > on your outer eye like, so like against your lash line and crease. Blend it out with a fluffy shadow brush. Then get the lightest colour and put a bit on your inner corner and underneath your brow bone. Use some eyeshadow as liner or a a pencil and add mascara Smiley Happy


I don't know of tutorial videos but maybe that will help. Just adjust the colour choices if you want a more bold look.

Re: Best UD Naked Palette Tutorial

Ha, I just got done getting ready for pinball night and as luck would have it, I used Naked 1 so I snapped a pic for ya. Certainly not the "BEST", but yannow. Whatevz. Smiley Very Happy 

Please ignore my craptacular eyeliner, I am still trying to learn.




Inner lid: Sin

Outer lid: Hustle

Crease: Toasted

Brow line/inner eye: Virgin



Re: Best UD Naked Palette Tutorial

This is from UD's Pinterest page. 


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