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Best Mascara?

I know that this question has been asked countless times before, but I wanted to ask it again based on what I wanted. I've tried many mascaras and the one big problem I have with them is that they clump my eyelashes, and if they don't clump they aren't volumizing enough for me. I guess what I'd really be looking for is clump free and volumizing. I've included a picture of one of my eyes completely make up free, maybe that will help give a better sense of what I'm starting with? 


I've tried:

- Benefit They're Real (Sorry to say I hated it - clumped my eyelashes)

- Covergirl Clump Crusher (good for separating clumps - not enough volume)

- CoverGirl Lash Blast (same reason as above)

- Rimmel Scandal Eyes (clumped my eyelashes)


I was considering Too Faced Better than Sex or the Rimmel Lash Accelerator.

What do you think? Any help is appreciated. Smiley Happy


Re: Best Mascara?

I got a sample of the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara and really hated it - I found it very clumpy and waxy, but it's definitely possible that my sample went bad or was off in some way!  My all time favorite mascara for serious volume, great separation, and no clumping is definitely DiorShow!  


Because it's pricey, I also have some go-to tips for avoiding clumps with any (almost any) mascara:

- curl lashes

- use a lash primer

- gently comb lashes to make sure your lashes are separated with primer (I use a spoolie brush for this!)

- apply one or two coats of mascara

- comb lashes once or twice, or as needed, while mascara is still wet

- let mascara dry

- apply one more coat of mascara if needed

Re: Best Mascara?

I second using a lash primer! I use Lancome's!

Re: Best Mascara?

Thanks for the tips! I just ordered my first eye lash curler today (crazy because I'm 24 and have never used one before) and now I'm very happy I did.  I have a sample of Tarte's lash primer but I haven't noticed too much of a difference. Do you have any suggestions for primer?

Re: Best Mascara?

That's not crazy, I'm 24 and I bought my first lash curler this year too!  Practically twins LOL!


The two primers that I've really adored have been the Lancome one and the Dior one - both are great for adding length, keeping curl, defining lashes, and creating more volume!

Re: Best Mascara?

I used to curl my lashes, but I was afraid it was pulling them out so I stopped. Maybe I should try it again. Also, do the eyelash combs really work? I was tempted to buy one, then I stopped myself. I'll also look into lash primers. Thank you!

Re: Best Mascara?

Lash curlers can be kind of intimidating, and it's important to get one that you feel comfortable using.  The classic and cult favorite curler is the one by Shu Umera, but that doesn't mean it's the only one that works!


If you want, you can go to your local Sephora store and ask for some of the disposable spoolie brushes that they have out around the store (they're there to allow people to test out different mascaras I think) and practice with that before committing to a more permanent solution.


You're welcome!

Re: Best Mascara?

I use Buxom Lash as my defining mascara (with Better Than Sex on top), and can't imagine it EVER clumping. Give that one a try.

Re: Best Mascara?

Have you tried wiping off your brush before using it? Just pull it once through a tissue. Check out this on Youtube: gossmakeupartist "The Basics:The Mascara Tip You Don't Do But Should"

Re: Best Mascara?

I just watched this! Tempted to try it but then I think how much product I'm wasting...

Re: Best Mascara?

Wow! Maybe I'll try this with my Benefit one when I use it again. Thanks for the tip!

Re: Best Mascara?

I'm currently looking for the perfect mascara and it sounds like we're looking for the same things in a mascara.


I hated Benefit They're Real!!! Super clumpy on me too. The brush looked promising  so I was definitely disappointed.

I actually really like Covergirl Clump Crusher. The separation is great and with several coats it thickens up. I was using this for the past few months but I can't stand how dry it gets by the end of the day.


I just got a deluxe sample of the Too Faced Better than Sex using a promo code and I actually really like it. It definitely gives a ton of volume but be careful to only use one or two coats max or it starts getting spidery. It takes me a lot longer to get the separation I like but its possible with some patience. It also gets into my crease by the end of the day which has never happened to me before.


Others I've tried:

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes! - amazing separation but basically zero volume


Diorshow Extase - HATED this one. I couldn't get any separation whatsoever.  Super thick clumpy lashes. Ick.


Guerlain Maxi Lash-  I really really like this one. It takes 2-3 coats to get as thick as I like but it has nice separation and length and never dries out. Plus it smells like roses Smiley Happy The only downside is that its difficult to get off.


Benefit Bad Gal Lash - Just ok for me. It gives really nice curl and length but not enough volume.




Re: Best Mascara?

Try guerlain cils d enfer maxi lash or chanel inimitable intense. Btw, your bare lashes are really long Smiley Happy

Re: Best Mascara?

Your lashes are amazing! Try Maybelline the falsies. It's my fave. Guerlain maxi lash is good too but it makes my lashes look stumpy (and beware a lot of thesehigh end mascaras smell strongly of roses). I like the original falsies or the black drama one but I thought flared sucked. I second the suggestion to wipe off the wand (I too have seen the goss video!)

Re: Best Mascara?

Oh and I too hated benefit they're real and thought it was super clumpy. I personally didn't like too faced better than sex, it's not a wet formula it's quite dry and it was a pain to get off (might as well have been waterproof) harder to get off than they're real. I always felt like I was losing lashes taking those off.

Re: Best Mascara?

Lancome hypnose waterproof mascara is my fav bc it makes my super straight lashes hold a curl for hours. 

Re: Best Mascara?

your lashes look awesome.

Re: Best Mascara?

My all time favorite mascara is DiorShow's Blackout. It gives you big lacquered lashes that look like they were coated in patent leather Smiley Happy


Whimsically yours,

Re: Best Mascara?

Sorry, I can't really help (although the tips interest me).  I do like Lancome's lash primer.  Personally, I'm happy when I can get my very blonde, straight lashes to look something like yours do without mascara! Smiley Wink


(I've been playing with a trio of Bare Minerals mascaras and I don't like any of them.  The sample of their Lash Domination was okay.  I think it's time to cut my losses with these others and pull out something else from the amazing sample collection to try.)

Re: Best Mascara?

Diorshow is volumizing without being clumpy. You have gorgeous lashes btw Smiley Happy

Re: Best Mascara?

wow those lashes look awesome in the pic!


Well, I love YSL Volum Effet Babydoll... but then I liked They're Real because it DIDN'T clump on me.


I liked Better Than Sex, and I also like Givenchy Maxi Lash -- but I liked the YSL Brush best because it really combed and separated, and the formula is liquid enough that it doesn't clump or spider much for me.

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