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Best Felt Tip Eyeliner Recommendations

I currently am use the Smashbox Always On Liquid Eyeliner Black and it works really well for me, except when going over the more intense shimmer shadows I tend to use (I have to layer a bit then). I prefer felt tipped liner because I find it easier to achieve the look I want, but am open to suggestions. 
I want to branch out more and have been looking at ONE/SIZE by Patrick Starrr Point Made Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Pen Bodacious Black and Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez Perfect Strokes Matte Liquid Liner Black

I am curious about people’s’ experienceS with these products, or any other liner favourites you’re willing to share, including coloured liners and non felt tipped products! Thank you 🥰

Re: Best Felt Tip Eyeliner Recommendations


I just tried a travel size felt eyeliner from Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Flyliner Longwear Liquid Eyeliner Cuz I'm Black  and I was very suprised and loved it. I rarely come across felt liners that actually distribute product from the tip and this one did. It was so easy to do the inner corner of my eyes in addition to doing a very thin line eye look or building it up for a more thicker line. I also like the #lancome Grandiose eye liner. That is my staple! It is matt and I get so many compliments on it.

Re: Best Felt Tip Eyeliner Recommendations

It’s so true about your comment with some felt liners not having product in the very tip. I’ve messed up so many wings because the tip of the liner was dry 😅 Thank you for the idea of trying the smaller size first! And if you always get complaints with the Lancôme, then you know it’s a must!

Re: Best Felt Tip Eyeliner Recommendations

I really love my felt too liquid eyeliner from Charlotte Tilbury. I also love KVD Beauty’s tattoo liquid liner

Re: Best Felt Tip Eyeliner Recommendations

Thank you! I’ve never looked into the Charolette Tilbury liner! Definitely need to give it a look. She has a track record for having some great products. 

Re: Best Felt Tip Eyeliner Recommendations

I love  tarte Double Take Eyeliner Black  . It works really well over intense shimmery eyeshadow. I also love that one end is liquid and the other end is pencil because I always use liquid on my upper lash line and pencil on my waterline 

Re: Best Felt Tip Eyeliner Recommendations

I do the same!!! That could be a really convenient tool for my kit! Especially when travelling around (but it’s not like I’m doing that anytime soon. lol)

Re: Best Felt Tip Eyeliner Recommendations

Thank you! 💕 Of course Fenty would have a great liner! I should have checked there first. Lol. Definitely will have to give that one a try. 

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