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Best Eyeliner for the Water Line?

I've always had a problem with eyeliner on my water line because all of the soft pencils that deposit a lot of color don't last and all the waterproof formulas I use don't deposit as much color and I have to press harder on my water line to get it on, which really irritates my eyes. Suggestions?

Re: Best Eyeliner for the Water Line?

I brought a couple per past BT suggestions and kept Buxom Insider eyeliner and Stila Kajal eyeliner in Topaz. Both are creamy so no need to press hard, just gently go back and forth a bit and that does the trick. I dont know how much color you want, mine did fade some throughout the day, but by the end of the day when I run a cotton swab along the waterline, I still see quite a bit of color on the tip.

Re: Best Eyeliner for the Water Line?

Ud eyeliner in perversion 

Re: Best Eyeliner for the Water Line?

Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes.


Hands down.

Re: Best Eyeliner for the Water Line?

Sephora kohl eyeliner. Plus, kohl is better for your eyes than regular eyeliner is!

Re: Best Eyeliner for the Water Line?

Nothing beats Kohl for lasting power, but I've recently read a lot of articles saying it shouldn't be used on eyes, esp waterline due to the high lead content in it. I talked to my Dermatologist about it too & he agreed. I still have a lot of Kohl eyeliners, but I think once I'm done with them I won't be buying new ones. 

Re: Best Eyeliner for the Water Line?

@dannyc. Woah, that's nice to know! Thanks! Do you know by what name does it go under in the ingredients list? because I looked at the ingredients for a couple of kohl pencils carried in Sephora and it does not have "lead" as an ingredient.


ps. *sigh* I can't believe cosmetics still have lead in it after so long. I remember seeing a package of face paint in the children's section that have the warning "May contain lead" on it....o.O.....why???

Re: Best Eyeliner for the Water Line?

I think Kohl/kajal is lead, or Kohl/kajal contains lead. I think that's what it's made out of... I'd read up on it more, but I want to get to the mall for VIB spending LOL. I found this though 

Re: Best Eyeliner for the Water Line?

I'm with Beautytester on the Stila Kajal Pencils, though they're not advertised/marketed as waterline liners or as waterproof, they're extremely pigmented and long lasting on the waterline area.


I've tried waterproof/longwear liner brands that work well for lid/lower lash lines (Urban Decay and MUFE) but even those wear off in a matter of a couple of hours or fade down on my water line.


If you want a pencil, try the Stila ones, they're super creamy and pack a punch with pigment so the product actually lasts. If you want a gel, Smashbox's Jet Set liners work well too.


Re: Best Eyeliner for the Water Line?

Hi Dolan, while kohl is definitely softer, it can transfer SO easily and is not always recommended for use in the water line. My personal favorites include the MUFE Aqua Eyes, Urban Decay 24/7 Liners, Lancome Le Stylo Waterproof and (for super intense color) the Clinique brush on cream liner which is a bold black (or brown) stays in my water line and is a super gentle formula.


Brush-On Cream Liner

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Best Eyeliner for the Water Line?

Urban Decay 24/7 pencil. Bobbbi Brown gel eyeliner works as well. 

Re: Best Eyeliner for the Water Line?

The too faced perfect eyes waterproof eyeliner is amazing! I was browsing in Sephora yesterday and came across this eyeliner. It went on really smooth on my hand when I swatched it, then rubbed at it to see if it would move and nothing. It stayed put. I bought it and am so excited to try it out =)

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