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Best Eye Palettes in the market

Looking for recommendations on top quality eye palettes 



I use to watch YouTube reviews on makeup and use that as a buying guide but I find myself not trusting the content over the past few years.


willing to spend some money but want good quality products. 

I would say I’m between beginner and intermediate level for makeup and I understand the process it’s just the self application part of it I struggle with especially find the right look I want for my eyes and doing it lol.



Usually go for mattes and satins finishes and maybe a shimmer for special occasions. 


I like neutral tones with maybe a few pops of colors.


Something that works with blue eyes that turn grey or greenish depending on what I am wearing and the lighting 



Appreciate any suggestions!




Re: Best Eye Palettes in the market

I just bought the tarte Amazonian clay matte palette. Will let you know how I like it! 

Re: Best Eye Palettes in the market

@SamHines90 have you looked into the Viseart Entendu palettes? The Cashmerie sounds like it could be what you are looking for. It’s not available on Sephora but Beautylish has it. Viseart Is amazing quality and easy to use. As other people have mentioned Natasha Denona and Pat McGrath are stunning also. 

Re: Best Eye Palettes in the market

With a plethora of palettes out now, it can be overwhelming. What e/s textures (satin, matte shimmer, metallic) appeal to you? 

re. Pat McGrath e/s palettes: there's a Sale on 1 or 2 of PMG's Quads. Great way to try the formula.

The PMG 'Mothership I -Subliminal' is quite cool-toned, btw. but might now be n/a.

re. Natasha Denona e/s palettes: similarly, try one of ND's Quints. Or go for a 15-pan e/s palette: the (neutral-cool) 'Glam'. Very well-regarded.

Also, 2 good e/s brands (indie): TerraMoons, and Sydney Grace. They've single pans and assembled palettes.

Check out the excellent swatches of PMG's, ND's (and many more) on Temptalia's blog. Her swatches are especially good as she is very consistent in both lighting and angles. And her Dupes finder is also awesome.

Re: Best Eye Palettes in the market

Thank you so much! 


I think I like matte and satin finishes and maybe a shimmer for special occasions. 

Re: Best Eye Palettes in the market

@MvLL any thoughts on the Natasha Denona Bronze Eyeshadow palette? Reviews seem really good but mentions of shimmers all looking same.



I also own the Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes Eye Shadow Palette but find myself not loving it as much as I thought I would. Thought the bronze my aid it but ugh idk haha 

Re: Best Eye Palettes in the market

@SamHines90 I own ND bronze palette and love it. Those are my go to colors for an easy eye look. 

Re: Best Eye Palettes in the market

Well, ND's 'Bronze' palette is also well-regarded. I do not have it, but looking at swatches shows a *quite* Warm-toned medley of henna, coppery-bronze, peachy-gold, umber. lots of shimmer / metallic, fairly dramatic.   Quite different from TF 'just peachy matte' palette (lots of coral shades there). Perhaps compare either in-person or via online swatches? 

Just how versatile the (mentioned) palettes are- erm, idk. How many shades per e/s 'look' are used?   '1 n' done' wash of color, or 3 to 8 shades? 

If I (green-blue-gray eyed) was starting out and wanted top-drawer Neutral-Cool e/s palette via easily-accessible Nordstrm, b'lish and/or Seph.,  I'd try a ND quint, a PMG quad and a Viseart quad or Viseart 'Theory' sextet. Some months later, I'd consider a bigger palette, ie. a PMG Mthrshp or/Mothership, or ND 'Glam' or 'Retro'. And maybe venture into indie-land. 

I don't return Cosmetics; I carefully consider stuff 1st.

On principal, I thumb my nose at the ridiculously-over-priced Chanel and Tom Ford quads. High price isn't a hallmark of high quality. The reviews indicate as much. 

PMG periodically has promos, ie 20% to 30% off - like so many retailers/brands these days-  btw 'Subliminal' is still available on PMG's site. 

ND 's site also has a few enticing promos at present. 

Wishing you Success in your e/s shopping!

Re: Best Eye Palettes in the market


I learned my lesson with the TF peachy one I bought but barely get use. Lol

Luckily I’m very down the middle and can switch between warm and cool tones. So it’s just time to go to Sephora and zero in on the recommendations everyone has provide rather than just spending hours walking and looking products up like I typically do. Time saver for sure!




Thank you so much for helping me and o really do appreciate the insight


Re: Best Eye Palettes in the market

@SamHines90 Natasha Denona and Pat McGrath are the best I’ve tried. 

Re: Best Eye Palettes in the market

@SamHines90 I would try Makeup Geek.


Or if money is no issue Natasha Denona and Pat McGrath.

Re: Best Eye Palettes in the market

Definitely will look into them! I wanna invest in quality for something that is an every day go to. 

Do all the palettes for those two brands provide the same quality. I know brands have a miss sometimes 


Re: Best Eye Palettes in the market

@SamHines90 Natasha Denona and Pat McGrath are pretty consistent with the quality of their eyeshadows.

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