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Benefit stay don't stray eye primer

Anyone try the primer in the new packaging for light / medium.  I'm wondering how it compares to ud Eden. 

Re: Benefit stay don't stray eye primer

i got a mini bottle of stay din't stray in a benefit kit and i definitely think Urban decays primer is much much better.  stay dint stray really doesn;t do much at all for me, except provide a little bit of coverage.

Re: Benefit stay don't stray eye primer

I don't think that's the same.  They probably changed it because now its available in 2 shades

Re: Benefit stay don't stray eye primer

Hi Aviscardi, the funny thing is that Urban Decay changed their packaging for the Primer Potion from a wand to a squeeze tube, and Benefit Stay Don't Stray went from a pump to a wand.  I personally like wands better, so I don't have to get my fingers dirty, but that said, I still like UD's Primer Potion better as an eye primer as I think it has better/longer staying power.  Smiley Happy -Laura


Re: Benefit stay don't stray eye primer

I never liked UD primer potion in that bottle because it was hard to get out so idk if the benefit one is the same. but I wonder more so about the color since I have dark eyes and have to use a nude base.  I switch between Eden and Mac soft ochre. 


Oh and yes I hate getting my fingers dirty too lol. I wash my hands at least twice before leaving for work.   I started to apply my primer with a brush for that reason, I struggle having to use my fingers with bbs but it just works Better. Lol 

Re: Benefit stay don't stray eye primer

I prefer UD Eden as a primer.  I use Stay Don't Stray more as a concealer for my eyes and I love it for that reason.  I guess it depends on what you more.  I use both Smiley Happy

Re: Benefit stay don't stray eye primer

Did you try the old one or the new one in the wand packaging ?

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