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Beginner eye shadow palette reccomendation

I'm vietnamese with black hair, brown eyes and a medium skin tone. I'm just starting to get into make up and want to know, what is the best eye shadow palette you would recommend? Would you choose the naked 1 or naked 2 palette (I don't really like the pink tones of naked 3) instead of some other palette? What else would you recommend for a beginner like me?

Re: Beginner eye shadow palette reccomendation

I started off with the Lorac Pro Palette 🙂 I would definitely recommend it! It's still one of my favorites. (Also Vietnamese, black hair, brown eyes, medium skin tone)

Re: Beginner eye shadow palette reccomendation

As the user Cahlee mentioned, the Coastal Scents palette is very affordable and it contains a wide variety of shades to play around with. I highly recommend the Coastal Scents® Revealed 2 Palette. I find the shades vary just enough from neutral to bold without being too overwhelming. These are good quality shades that work well with a variety of skin tones. There's a set available at Birchbox (which I bought) that's about $20. 





Re: Beginner eye shadow palette reccomendation

Maybe I'm the only one but the formula of these shadows didn't work that well for me for blending, especially not compared to the Naked palettes.  I'm a beginner also and I find that when I'm working with multiple shadows the UD shadows are so much easier to blend where as the Coastal Scents palette seemed to just become muddy when blended, at least on my dry skin.  I think the Naked palettes are a great way to go.  I also really love the smash box trios.  It takes the guesswork out of what colors to use where and I've found the colors are extremely flattering.  I have Sepia and love it.

Re: Beginner eye shadow palette reccomendation

If you want to start off and play around and get more of a feel for what looks good on you I would suggest starting with some of the popular cheaper items:

Coastal Scents Revealed Palette (said to be inspired off of the naked palettes sells for $20 but from time to time it's on sale for $10)

Sonia Kashuk Eye on Neutral (all matte palette $20)

If you want to experiment with color I strongly recommend getting one of those 150 palettes or 88 palettes just to see if you even like how it looks (They go for about $20 max when not on sale, I'd recommend coastal scents or elf)


If you want to go immediately and start investing in a mid tier collection I would recommend the Lorac Pro Palette, Kat Von D Monarch Palette, and Mac's Warm or Cool Premade Palette (you can get both, but Id recommend starting out with whichever pertains to your skin tone) Between Naked 1 & 2 I choose naked 1


Even if you don't choose any listed here you should try and stay within the realms of cult favorites palettes. This way if you get stumped as to which colors you should put together for a look, or where to place things, you can always find some guidance on YouTube.


Eye primer and decent brushes will be your best friends. Some palettes come with samples so you should keep that in mind while looking. You don't need a large brush collection, you could probably survive with owning just a shader brush and blending brush. Maybe you'll need a crease brush. Oh and get a brush cleaner


Lastly, practice makes perfect, when you have spare time practice applying the eyeshadow. 


(Sorry for the short story. When I first started buying eyeshadow I had no clue what worked on me or what didnt and therefore made a few questionable purchases) 


Re: Beginner eye shadow palette reccomendation

Definitely Naked 1 or the It Cosmetics naturally pretty pallet or the chocolate bar pallete from Too Faced.  All three are staple palletes that you will want to purchase again and again they are beautiful:)

Re: Beginner eye shadow palette reccomendation

I would go naked 1 or 2.   You get a lot of eye looks out of both palettes and they're easy to work with.  Plus I think a lot of us started with URban Decay.  It's the gateway brand!  

Too faced boudoir eyes is also very nice.  

Re: Beginner eye shadow palette reccomendation

Lol hearts she asked which of the two!

Re: Beginner eye shadow palette reccomendation

I think if you're barely beginning, you should choose a smaller palette? When I first started, my first palettes were naked BASICS and Stila brown palette but that one has been discontinued. You can get a lot of looks with naked basics andI think their shadows are great in that palette. You get all  matte shades except one. It's got a nice range of colors.


But if you're still considering between 1 and 2, I'd go for two. I have a light medium skin tone with yellow undertone, black hair, and also brown eyes. 

Re: Beginner eye shadow palette reccomendation

The Naked 1 palette would work better for your skin tone than Naked 2, IMO. If you're looking for a good palette with lots of value and versatility, consider the Smashbox Masterclass Palette #3. It has contouring, blushes, and two sets of shadows - neutrals and colors!

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