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Applying eye liner to someone else

I'm doing my sister's makeup for her graduation (and whatever other events revolve around it). The only problem is that she is really sensitive about having anything near her eyes. So basically if I have eyeliner in my hand she starts squinting and her eyes water (not that I've actually gone near her yet!) Maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but not much. The makeup I'm doing is fairly soft and neutral, but I would like a bit of eye definition for photos.


So basically my question is how do I apply eyeliner on someone else (and a teeny bit of soft brown shadow to lower lash line)? Usually I just try and slightly pull skin taut.

Re: Applying eye liner to someone else

Hi Kenny, I would suggest having your sister focus her eyes on a certain non-moving object looking away from where your hand will be.  So if you're doing her lower lash line, have her look at an object that is above your head.  If you're applying to the outer corner of her eye, have her look at something that directs her eye to the inner corner, and vice versa.  To apply eyeliner to her top lash line, she might be able to just close her eyes completely.  But even with her eyes closed, make sure she is still "looking" down.  Hope this helps!  Smiley Happy -Laura

Re: Applying eye liner to someone else

Thanks so much @laurabt ! I really appreciate it Smiley Happy

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