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Anyone else get talked into buying something that...

they didn't want? I went to the MAC counter for the 217 eye brush & somehow got talked into & walked out with the 286 brush.  The 286 is a nice brush & has gotten great reviews, but it's not the one I wanted. Every time I look at it I could kick myself.  Returning it is not an option, I bought it out of town a while ago & wouldn't even know how to return it, so I kept it.  Anyone else, or am I the only wimp?

Re: Anyone else get talked into buying something that...

I have never had them convince me to buy anything I didn't want, but last time I was in Sephora I wanted a foundation sample for a color I wanted to try, but the SA insisted a different color was better for me (telling me undertones don't matter . . . really?!?) and so I ended up leaving with the sample she wanted me to have, which didn't work (obviously), making my whole trip a waste.

Re: Anyone else get talked into buying something that...

it doesn't really happen to me that often, what ends up happening is I leave the store with what i went I for, but everything that they suggested goes on my loves list immediately after I get home

Re: Anyone else get talked into buying something that...

This happens, they know how to sell stuff you don't need or want.


But you HAVE to learn to be able to say no or return if not satisfied. Invent something if you need, no white lie has ever hurt anyone Smiley Wink Go in and say: I went home and saw I already had it, I don't need two.


You just need your purchase proof. I think you can even get a refund in any MAC store (but I'm not sure if valid in the US, here in Canada we can)

Re: Anyone else get talked into buying something that...

It used to happen to me a lot but i learned to either lie and say ive already got that, hahaha. I went into MAC earlier this month with a friend and she wanted a lipstick...she came out with 2 lipsticks, blush, concealer and the employee was pushing so hard to convince her to buy this brush to apply the i told my friend in front of the girl that she already had that brush...after we walked out my friend thanked me Smiley Wink

Re: Anyone else get talked into buying something that...

I'm a pushover in front of nice old ladies. I can even resist BT enablers most of the time, but those ladies just need a max of 5min, then it's game over for me. I was only there to take a look at the 500pts Dior perk and maybe take a pic for y'all BTers but end up redeeming it without even opening/seeing what's inside. =X


And I got talked into getting Marc Jacob DOT when I was not planning on even considering it, altho I did get a free pashmina scarf and a decent nail polish out of it......


This is why I shop online, altho I suppose I could start avoiding every sweet old lady I see but....I like asking them about anti-aging stuff.....

Re: Anyone else get talked into buying something that...

Hi bad823, 


This happens to me a LOT. It's also part of the reason I stopped doing counter makeup because as much as I LOVED applying makeup and doing marathon makeover applications, the selling point and pushing is not for me! 


The last time I was at the same shop as you I ended up with another eyeliner, gloss AND blush. Just to go home and realize I already had the same blush. WHOOPS. Smiley Sad LoL

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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