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All Natural Beauty

I'm trying to go all natural with my makeup, but I cannot find a black eyeliner for under $30. I kinda suck at putting eyeliner on if that makes any difference. Please help me!

Re: All Natural Beauty

Inglot gel liners are the best they dry fast and don't budge and are only $12.  It's really easy to use and the quality is great plus they come in a bunch of colors

Re: All Natural Beauty

I used to use all natural beauty products:

Have you tried Zuzu Luxe cosmetics, Gabriel Cosmetics, or Mineral fusion?


Also, 100% Pure Cosmetics has a lot of great options (I love their cheek tints). They use fruit pigments to color their products & zero synthetic fragrances.

Re: All Natural Beauty

Lush makes vegan makeup, I believe their eyeliner is either $18 or $22. I have taupe shade that is very pretty. Smiley Happy

Re: All Natural Beauty

I can't say anything about the quality because I haven't tried them, but I found a list of some all natural eyeliners that might be worth looking into:

- e.l.f. 100% All Natural Mineral Eyeliner

- Logona Cosmetics Eye Defining Pencil

- Sante Cosmetics Kajel Eyeliner Pencil

- 100 Percent Pure Fruit Pigmented Cremestick Pencil

Re: All Natural Beauty

i use a rimmel kohl pencil for everyday looks; it goes on really smooth and I find that pencil is a lot easier to apply (and can be less messy if you mess up) than a gel or liquid liner

Re: All Natural Beauty

You could try:

Any of Tartes eyeliners whether stick liquid or pot, all of which are under $30CAD ranging from $23 - $30CAD

Josie Maran magic marker argan liquid eye liner $26CAD

Dr.Hauschka has a liner at $30CAD

And Logona has a few available ranging from $13 - $25 CAD

All of these are natural and/or organic.

If you live in the states these prices will likely be cheaper.

Re: All Natural Beauty

Oops I didnt read the all natural part. Look at health food stores like Whole Foods, Sprouts etc. They carry lots of different all natural companies that make gel eyeliners.

Re: All Natural Beauty

Do you mean natural as in paraben free etc?  I am guessing you do.  I haven't used them but tarte has a pencil and pot liner for under $30.  I'm currently using a pot liner from a different brand and I prefer that over a pencil because I feel I have more control.  

Re: All Natural Beauty

The maybelline and loreal gel eyeliners have excellent reviews, and they are less than 10 bucks.

Re: All Natural Beauty

If you want to go on the more natural side, I would stick to a dark brown or a purple.  You can get Loreal Infallible Gel Liner for less than 10 bucks and it works great.  I love Bobbi Browns Gel Liner but it cost about $22 and this one works just as good.  I prefer gel liners over pencils because there's no tugging on the eyelids and since I have small eyes, I can control the thickness of the liner a lot better.  

Re: All Natural Beauty

nars, UD and toofaced has great eyeliners that is under $30! i suggest you apply it on your tightline for a natural effect (: For a more natural look use a dark brown instead of black Smiley Very Happy

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