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Post in Dry Skin

need foundation advice!! :)

i have normal to very dry skin, meaning that based on weather or other circumstances my skin can go from a very normal  state to almost flaky dry. i also have a very red tint to my cheeks and nose, not as bad as rosacea, but it definitely does come into play when i chose a foundation. my skin is also on the more pale side and with the redness it makes it very hard to find a foundation that will cover up my flaws and redness and leave me looking a nice shade without any orange tint to it. i know this is a lot and it is complicated but i could really use some help when it comes to choosing a nice brand that would benefit my skin.

Re: need foundation advice!! :)

Try the new Too Faced Peaches & Cream

Re: need foundation advice!! :)

I use the clinique moisturizer before foundation and the Eucerin Redness relief right when i wake up which is about 2-3 hours before foundation.  Are there any exfoliators your would recommend f-or sensitive redness prone skin? And also are there and primers you would also recommend? 

Re: need foundation advice!! :)

I would recommend swapping moisturizers, while the Clinique formula is oil-free, it's very lightweight and might not provide adequate hydration for your skin. If you're wanting something to help diminish the redness, try Dr. Jart's Cicipar line which has a mild tint to correct redness. First Aid Beauty is another line that is great to look into if your main focal points are hydration and sensitive skin. Their Ultra Repair Cream is rich in glycerin, shea butter, triglycerides, hydrating fatty acid alcoholds (as to not be drying), anti-inflammatory feverfew, anti-oxidant white tea, brightening licorice, and skin-soothing and moisture retaining oatmeal to comfort parched, sensitized skin. 


If you need a serum to further soothe redness and sensitivity, try Murad's Sensitive Skin Soothing Serum. Calming chamomile, cucumber, and mallow extracts are cocktailed with the humectant sodium hyaluronate to bind moisture to skin while yeast amino acids and arnica extract strengthens and maintain moisture retention in skin. Apply a bit of this prior to any moisturizer can give targeted regions additional care.


In regards to exfoliation, try FAB's Facial Radiance Pads. These pre-saturated peel pads are easy to use and cushion lactic acid (an alpha hydroxy acid derived from milk proteins to gently smooth skin, support cellular regeneration, and calm redness) and glycolic acid (another AHA that is derived from sugar enzymes from sources like sugarcane, pineapple, papapya, and pumpkin typically) with very gentle and soothing ingredients like cucumber, glycerin, and aloe extract. This product also contains licorice, white tea, and feverfew (these aspects are often repeated in FAB's line up to protect, gently brighten, and calm skin). Smooth a pad onto clean skin after you wash (aim for a sulfate free cleanser too if possible to avoid harsh detergents that can be stripping on the skin) and then let it absorb down some before moving forward with your serum and moisturizer. Due to the process of exfoliation, utilizing SPF in the day is crucial to protect healthy cells and that new layer of improved skin from weathering out or being damaged by the elements.


The primers that MariekeBT mentioned below are a great place to start, the Hourglass formula is very luxurious if you want to take a higher grade profile to priming while the TF formula has more of a gel consistency that absorbs down quickly. Try to visit stores to test out formulas in person!



Re: need foundation advice!! :)

Thank you so much for the tips. I will definitely use them to better my skin and beauty routine. Thank you so so much. Your help is appreciated.



Re: need foundation advice!! :)

Hi @beautykylizzle,


Like @lylysa mentioned, I would definitely recommend exfoliating as this going to help with the skin buildup. I would also recommend a primer as this can help hydrate your skin, extend the wear of your foundation, and help with oxidation! 


For primers I'd recommend Hourglass N° 28 Primer Serum and Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer. These are both super hydrating primers that are great for those with dry skin and provide a dewy luminous finish to the skin. 


For foundation you may like IT Cosmetics
Your Skin But Better™ CC+™ Cream with SPF 50+ or Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Hydrating Foundation. Both are long wear foundations that are going to provide a good amount of coverage and provide hydration for the skin. They're long wearing so no touch ups are needed. (: 




Re: need foundation advice!! :)

Thank you so so much!! I will definitely take this into consideration next time i am in my local Sephora. I appreciate this very much.





Re: need foundation advice!! :)

Hi, beautykylizzle!


Dehydration can often be a side effect of colder or drier seasons, leading skin to have patches of flaking skin or feel more tight and uncomfortable. Inflammation can often take place due to skin reacting to the harshness of the elements such as the cold air. 


While these issues can all make finding a foundation that much more difficult, I would recommend first tackling these matters via a skin care approach. Well hydrated skin will be more apt to improved makeup wear and longevity on skin and being able to adjust your regimen or even moisturizer being used based upon the season or external/environmental conditions will help you keep a better grasp of ensuring skin is properly conditioned and thus starting things off right when then approaching makeup. By providing the required moisture skin needs, you're able to alleviate dryness and even then able to help diminish the flushing that can take place so you're not having to solely rely on a heavier coverage foundation to do all the work. 


Can you share with us what your skin care regimen currently involves and what makeup you may currently use so myself and others can see what adjustments can be made and what all you have to work with?

Re: need foundation advice!! :)

Thanks for the reply! I currently use Clinique turnaround daytime revitalizing moisturizer to keep my skin normal. I also use cetaphil gentle cleanser to wash my face as my face is pretty sensitive. my current foundation is L'OREAL infallible pro glow in the shade 201 classic ivory I also use the Fit Me by maybelline to set my foundation. i normally use drug store products for my own convenience but i am willing to go name brand if necessary. 

Re: need foundation advice!! :)

Are you washing your skin in the morning and night? What moisturizer are you using at night, and do you exfoliate (if so, how often and with what product)?


I didn't see a mention of primer between the skin care the makeup listed, do you currently have a primer that you use?



Re: need foundation advice!! :)

I wash my face at night as i am removing my makeup. I dont currently have a primer and i do not exfoliate. I use Eucerin Redness Relief lotion before my makeup and at night. 

Re: need foundation advice!! :)

I would definitely recommend incorporating an exfoliating aspect at least 1-2x a week to help slough off any excess build up on skin, especially if you're currently dealing with any extra dry or uneven patches. 


To clarify, you're using the Euercin Redness Relief lotion and the Clinique Turnaround Daytime moisturizer in the day (as in layering one atop of the other before applying your L'Oreal foundation and Maybelline powder)?



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