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is mineral makeup good for dry skin?

so i ahve really dry and sensitive skin, because i have dry skin people say using liquid makeup is better, but i heard its not as safe for you, so i want to switch to mineral. But would it look really powdery and dry and flaky? I already use a hydrating moisterizer befor ei apply foundation, and even with liquid foundation, imy skin still gets dry by the end of the day. 

also what are some good mineral makeup foundation for very dry skin? thanks.

Re: is mineral makeup good for dry skin?

  Mineral makeup could look really powdery and flaky if you don't properly moisturize your dryness. I suggest using a rich moisturizer before foundation/concealer application, or a exfoiliating scrub to get rid of dead skin, so then everything will look smoother! 

   And for mineral makeup, I adore Bare Minerals, but I suggest using their original foundation rather than the matte!

   Hope I was helpful enough! 

Re: is mineral makeup good for dry skin?

The term "mineral" can encompass quite a bit. Though one of the biggest names in mineral make up that comes to mind is Bare Minerals, which has a made a niche in make up as a powder based make up, minerals are used in all sorts of formulations, not just powders.


There is a lot of "he said/she said/they said" in the make up world in terms of what is good and what is bad as far as types and formulas and even what is safe.


Mineral based pigments are more natural, most people relay things as being more natural as being more good for the skin as you're not layering synthetics and man made chemicals and colorants that may or may not irritate your skin depending on your sensitivities.


Minerals are now being infused in everything from cream to liquid formulations for foundations, and even into pressed powders.


Brands like Tarte, Urban Decay, PUR Minerals, Smashbox, Amazing Cosmetics, and Stila offer mineral options for complexion products.


If you skin is excessively dry, take a look into your skin care regimen and fix an actual skin care issue with products that address the skin rather than a cosmetic which instead can exhasterbate issues or hide them, rather than fix and treat them.


How often do you exfoliate? What skin care products are you using? Has the weather/climate changed? How much water are you drinking? All these factors can lead into help pinpointed the cause of the dryness along with helping to treat and correct it so no matter what foundation you wear your skin will be flawless.



Re: is mineral makeup good for dry skin?

Mineral makeup on dryskin more than likely end up caked in your pores, and make your skin look even drier.  It is possible for your foundation to be drying out your skin, i'm currently having that problem with My Kat von D lock it foundation.  So, maybe youre not using the right liquid foundation.

Re: is mineral makeup good for dry skin?

Hi , I have dry skin and use Bare Escentials mineral makeup. Make sure you use their primer. I tried the product first a a mall and wore it all day before deciding to buy and I love it.

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