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help with flaky skin!!

Even after applying moisturizer my skin still flakes around my nose and cheek.  When I apply foundation the dry flakes are very noticeable so I have to scrub my face with water and put on moisturizer.  Doing this a few more times does make my skin less flaky.  Previously I used the Olay oil free moisturizer then switched to using Shisedo again.  Now I am currently using ProGenius treatment oil and it is working.  But my concern is I have acne prone skin and using the oil caused me white heads.  Anyone know a moisturizer for flaky and acne face skin?

Re: help with flaky skin!!

You stated that you exfoliate anywhere from 2-3x a week, but your skin is also acne prone and you get whiteheads due to the ProGenius oil.


I believe the flakiness might be caused by overexfoliation. Your skin may be compensating for the constant loss of skin cells that perhaps are not matured or ready to be shed; therefore, over producing cells to replace what is being removed.


In addition to the whiteheads, if your skin has blemishes that are active or are at the surface (pustual for example), using a physical based exfoliant might be too harsh and can even aggrivate your blemishes. If you must stick with a physical exfoliant, try one with jojobea beads (Peter Thomas Roth Blemish Buffing Beads, also has acne treatment, use it 1x a week, no more than 2 x) or one with gentle sugar polymers rather than granuals (Bosica's Facial Smoothing Polish, also designed to be super gentle and sensitive on skin).


If you want something other than a physical exfoliant, you might consider a chemical based exfoliant which uses enzymes or acids to break down dead skin at the surface as well as boost the healthier regeneration of new skin cells. PTR's Complexion Correction Pads (also available in a gentle formula) are great, you just swipe them on to skin (perfect before make up applications) and are gentle enough to be used more frequently than a physical exfoliating wash.


You might highly consider incorporating a SPF into your day regimen. Often times acne prone skin is more vulnerable and can be be sensitized by products with acne medications or treatments and UV rays will only dry out those areas if not properly protected. Try an oil free, mattifying lotion like PTR's Clini Matte SPF 20, which will smooth the look of skin, minimize pores, keep skin shine free, but also offer sun protection.

Re: help with flaky skin!!

If you already exfoliate, I think you might want to find an exoliator that works specifically for your skin.

I used to have the exact same problem because my nose specifically gets really dry, but then I started using Clean & Clear's Advantage Acne Control Kit. It comes with a cleaner, moisturizer, and an on-the-spot treatment especially for when you actually break out. It works great and is only around $20. Smiley Happyswfupload_9187302711703193973.jpg

Re: help with flaky skin!!

Try adding a couple drops of argan oil to your moisturizer. The stuff is a miracle worker, I swear. I know it can seem a little worrisome to put oil on oily skin, but it works! It also calms my breakouts and makes them less red and irritated. One tip, though: I'd recommend purchasing argan oil from Amazon because the Josie Maran one is seriously ridiculously overpriced. You're just paying for the brand name and that's nuts. You can find 100% organic argan oil on Amazon for 1/3 the price.

Re: help with flaky skin!!

Try using a product for dehydration like Twinlabs Na-PCA spray (the original one, not the one with aloe).  It's light and great for oily, sensitive, acneic skin. 

Re: help with flaky skin!!

what kind of moisturizer do you use? Are you using an oil free one? you definitely need to get a moisturizer for dry skin  especially during winter and maybe a ligher version in summer.exfoliating is great but lok at your cleanser and moisturizer that maybe stripping even more moistureour of your skin, especially if you are using an alcohol based toner on top of that. try a gentle cleanser fr dry skin and maybe a nourishing toner and end with a nice mosituriser that is quickly absorbed by your skin. philosphy is great, they have an oil free  acne treating moisturizer that you can use alone in summer and during colder seasons you can add another mositurizer for dry skin on top on top of the acne treatment, they also have grea pads for acne as well as chemical peels and oxygen masks..

Re: help with flaky skin!!

Hi mkupgk - 


I agree with the exfoliating Smiley Happy  If you dont already, I would definitely try something like the Kate Somerville ExfoliKate to get rid of dry skin.  The Acne formulation of the Exfolikate will also help with your clogged pores Smiley Happy

Kate Somerville - ExfoliKate Acne Clearing Exfoliating Treatment


Continue with the treatement oil, but only in the areas that you need it.  I use the Maracuja Oil by Tarte & it works wonders for me Smiley Happy

Tarte - Pure Maracuja Oil


Hope that helps Smiley Happy


xo, Mia


Re: help with flaky skin!!

I was having some issues with my skin being dry in certain places on face and when I put on my BB cream or foundation it would look awful. To help me look less flaky I did a couple things. Because I have very sensitive skin I got the First Aid Beauty's (This brand is great for sensitive skin) facial radiance pads to exfoliate my skin. Then I use some argan oil combined with my usual moistuizer to get some extra moisture, I have acne prone skin too and after a month of using argan oil I haven't had any issues with acne because of it. And finally I use the Hourglass No. 28 Primer Serum before putting on any foundation or BB cream, this primer serum is so hydrating and really helps to smooth out my skin. 

Re: help with flaky skin!!

Do you exfoliate at all? My skin gets really dry in the winter, but I'm prone to whiteheads. I use my clarisonic 3x a week with a gentle cleanser, a mask once a week & then chemically exfoliate every morning with Amore Pacific "treatment enzyme peel" & it does help with the flaking. 

If you use a toner make sure it's alcohol free as the alchol can strip your skin & dry it out even more. 

Ole Henriksen "Blue/Black Berry Enzyme Mask" is a nice mask that adds hydration & I also like his "nurture me" cream

Re: help with flaky skin!!

Hi!  I have flaky skin as well that is occasionally acne prone.  Do you exfoliate?  If you don't exfoliate the dead skin, it will build up and you'll get flakes.  I like to use Bliss's Fabulous Foaming Face Wash in place of my normal cleanser (Purity cleanser) twice to three times a week.  This really helps me with my flakes-here's the link (it comes in a mini size that's $9 if you just want to try it out and see if it solves the problem):


If it doesn't, I love the CeraVe pm moisturizer at night, it's super hydrating, and available at most drugstores.  Hope this helps!

Re: help with flaky skin!!

Yes I exfoliate at least 2-3 times a week

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