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Post in Dry Skin

foundation for dry skin

my skin is dry,and fair.i cant find the right foundation for my skin,what would be the best choice for dry skin to look flawless?

Bobbi Brown Illuminating foundation plus Philsophy Makeup...

Bobbi Brown Illuminating foundation plus Philsophy Makeup Optional changed thw way my skin looked dramatically. I set the foundation with a little mineral powder because I actuallly thought I looked too dewy. Ha!


Also, in general applying foundation with a stiplping brush or a damp makeup sponge can improve the application for a more flawless look. Good luck! Smiley Wink

An excellent moisturizing foundation is Clinique Balanced...

An excellent moisturizing foundation is Clinique Balanced Makeup which is a lightweight foundation that provides moderate coverage with a naturally dewy finish.  It contains moisturizing ingredients, which give you both smooth coverage and application and you can find it at:;jsessionid=2CKQCZ5VMUZUWCV0KRRQ5UQ?id=P122679&categoryId=B70

I hope this helps you. Smiley Happy

I would say the clinique foundation it is the best! It's...

I would say the clinique foundation it is the best! It's so soft not to liquidy and it feels very good on your skin. It also moistrizes while it covers up your imperfections.

I have fair, dry skin, too -- I would start with a good moisturizer, because any foundation can tend to look cakey and thick when your skin is dry. Once it's adequately hydrated, you can still use a formula intended for dry skin. My current favorite is NARS Sheer Glow, which doesn't dry my face out, or, for extra moisture, try Laura Mercier Moisturizing Foundation or DiorSkin Nude Natural Glow Hydrating Makeup, both of which are for dry skin types.


If you don't need a lot of coverage, try Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. It leaves very sheer coverage -- great if you just need to even your skin tone, but you don't actually need much more.



PS: Never skip the sunscreen! Be sure to wear it every day, rain or shine.


: )

hi! i am so in the same posistion as you!!! my skin is fa...

hi! i am so in the same posistion as you!!! my skin is fair, and gets dry very easily. the top notch way to get your skin to look flaweless is cream, lotion, and mosturizer. Noutragena, cetaphil, lavender oil...these would all be things to check out. overall, just make sure that you pay extra attention to your skin, and one tip is that if your legs sometimes get dry after you shave (i notice this with mine) always always use shaving cream. try and fine sensitive shaving cream, but never shave your legs bare. this can eeasily cause dryness. best of luck!!!!
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