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Post in Dry Skin

best product for dry, yet sensitive skin

Normally I don't have dry skin, but in this weather, it's gotten to be pretty bad.  Any advice on the best product for dry skin that won't irritate sensitive skin?  Thanks!

Re: best product for dry, yet sensitive skin

you should try cleansing oil for cleansing your face and then an extra rich moisturizer. I used origins cleansing oil and then drink up overnight mask (during the day too). It brought my skin back to normal. I imagine you could do this with any cleansing oil and any extra rich moisturizer combo. I just found origins to be a better value than JM. I do have her argan oil but paused on using it while I went through this process ( it just took about a week to get my skin back).


now I'm back to using a lightweight moisturizer during the day and argan oil at night. I'm still cleansing with the cleansing oil.


good luck on whatever you choose! Please share your final results of what worked! May be useful for next winter Smiley Happy

Re: best product for dry, yet sensitive skin

I highly recommend L'Occitane- Immortelle Cream Mask for extremely dry/sensitive skin. It is very soothing, dense, and rich. It is full of essential oils and shea butter to heal irritated skin, restore moisture, and lock in hydration. No chemicals or harsh irritants whatsoever!


Best of all- this is two products in one! I know it is called a mask, but you can actually use it as a moisturizer too. I apply a nice thick layer in the morning and leave it on for about 45 minutes for a concentrated dose of creamy hydration, and then instead of washing it off, I actually just wipe off the excess product with some tissue and rub the rest into my skin. Very emollient and soothing. It absorbs like a dream- my skin absolutely drinks this stuff up!! It's like a wearing a mask all day long.

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