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Post in Dry Skin

Wood Stove - Dryness - what to do?

Hi - I am new to the wood stove environment and it is so drying to my hair, skin and nails.  I have upped my water intake and I have been slathering on moisture, but still left with some side effects.


My hair is fine and wavy, prone to dryness - any suggestions on the best product to use?  I have not used heat on my hair in ages for fear of over drying - but now it just looks terrible!


My skin is fair, sensitive and rather dull looking - I would love some ideas on BB Creams or Cream Foundations?  I will always use Bare Minerals as a 'powder' finish.  Any guidance / help is REALLY appreciates  Smiley Happy

Re: Wood Stove - Dryness - what to do?

I heat with a wood stove and have dry skin.   I put a pan of water on top of the stove.Preferably a large pan or pot so you won't have to keep checking it every hour, Try a good cuticle cream for your nails, I like Jessica, unfortunately Sephora does not carry it. You can go straight to the Jessica Nails website or Amazon. You will probably want to find a gentle moisturizing shampoo an conditioner

Re: Wood Stove - Dryness - what to do?

Hello! Like many of the other users recommended, humidifiers are great, especially in the night when you're sleeping. Another thing I recommend in the night for your skin is lathering on Cetaphil cream and then layering on some Petroleum Jelly. It feels pretty gross to be honest but it ensures that your skin stays moisturized throughout the night when you can't get up and re-moisturize. I've only ever done this for my face (and have gotten excellent results) but I've never bothered for the rest of my body. If you decide to try this out, then let me know how it goes! Smiley Happy

Re: Wood Stove - Dryness - what to do?

I agree with prettyinpa humidifiers are one of the best ways to help with the drying effects of the wood stoves. Also I know hot showers feel good but they're not good on your skin they can seriously take alot of moisture out of your skin and hair, warm showers are best. Also when you get out of the shower try just leaving a litte moisture on your skin, don't completely dry off and instead of using a lotion try a body butter or cream and then rub it in to give your skin added mositure.Use body oils on your hands, skin and nails also.Laura Mercier foundations are some of the best moisturizing foundations they are.Hope this helps!

Re: Wood Stove - Dryness - what to do?

I live in WI and our humidity is right around 20%, really low, and I have been loving Neutogena Triple Moisture line, I use the daily deep conditioner but I love the smell and the deep conditioning treatment is great.  For frizziness they have a leave in cream.  For my dry cracked hands I just bought Jack Black Industrial hand cream, it really works.  Use fabic softener sheets or liquid on your laundry it will reduce static in your hair and everyything else.  I love Downy Black orchid.  Skip the powder foundation and try UD Naked foundation of Bobbi Brown Skin.  As prettyinpa said a room humidifier is inexpensive and really helps.  I love Clinique Moisture Surge, it's a thick gel that sinks in so quickly and really leaves my skin silky and hydrated.  Don't skip exfoliation just because it's dry, you need it as much as ever, Clinique Exfoliating Scrub really works.

Re: Wood Stove - Dryness - what to do?

I really like Redken's Clear Moisture line, it's great for fine/normal hair that needs hydration without the weight of heavier products.


I also like the deep conditioning mask from It's a 10. You can use that as a weekly treatment, it makes hair soft, healthy, and very manageable.


Try looking into brands like Tarte or Boscia for a good liquid foundation or BB cream that is perfect for sensitive skin but also will perk up your complexion without relying on just a powder alone, which isn't helping the dryness factor as powders will absorb/draw out moisture. Urban Decay makes a finishing powder (Razor Sharp, no tint) and Smashbox does too (HALO, with a tint) with encapulated water molecules so you're getting to impart moisture back into skin while giving your make up a more finished look. Both leave skin looking flawless!


Prettyinpa brought up a good point about the humidfier!

Also, keep a thick/rich body cream near your shower and slather it on right when you're out the shower while skin is still damp. This way, you're not letting the water disapate while dehrating your skin in the mean while, you're getting to lock in everything immediately!

Re: Wood Stove - Dryness - what to do?

Wood stoves really dry out the air in the house, you will definitely feel better if you get a whole house humidifier. If cost is prohibitive, at least get a small one for your bedroom. The dry air dehydrates your hair, skin and respiratory system, so if you raise the relative humidity you should see less hair static, smoother skin and get less colds. (Personal experience here, we had a woodstove for many years). Be sure to keep the water reservoir in your humidifier clean so you don't get airborne mold, that's the only caution.


As for hair products, you can try a hair mask, but only on the ends since it can really weigh down fine hair. My favorite BB cream is Smashbox BB cream, it comes in a wider range of shade than most, makes it easier to get a good match.


Hope this helps!

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