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Post in Dry Skin

What can i do for dry skin?

my left hand feels really dry and scaly...its annoying at times cause it itches and then bleds if i scratch it. Smiley Sad 

how can i stop having dry skin?

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Re: What can i do for dry skin?

If you're experiencing scaliness, maybe you have a patch of eczema? I wouldn't put any hand creams with fragrance to avoid irritation. Try a very thin layer of vaseline on that area overnight. Vaseline is an excellent occlusive (prevents water loss) and can do wonders for very dry, damaged skin. Good luck.

Re: What can i do for dry skin?

@emmarohma I like exfoliating with a hand scrub at least once a week and then applying hand cream mixed with beauty oil for extra hydration at night.  Also, after washing my hands I apply hand cream right after. A good hand cream are Aveda hand relief, L’Occitane hand cream and Caudalie hand cream. 

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