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What are the best skin care products for someone on Accutane?

Because I am on the Accutane my skin is dry and the moisturizer I am using doesn't do anything for my skin. Also, my lips are cracked and flaky. If you have any ideas on cleansers, moisturizers, lip products, or anything that you think would help, please respond to this!!!!!! 



Re: What are the best skin care products for someone on Accutane?

Hi rcohen93,


I suggest speaking with your physician on suggested adding any skincare products, as they might reduce the effectiveness of the accutane.  In most cases, they suggest against new skincare products until your treatment is over Smiley Sad


xo, Mia 

Re: What are the best skin care products for someone on Accutane?

I'm definitely with Mia on this one!


If you are considering any skin care or cosmetic products, print out ingredient listings and have your doc go over them to be sure they contain safe ingredients to use!

Re: What are the best skin care products for someone on Accutane?

I agree with both comments about consulting your dermatologist or physician before experimenting with products as it could potentially irritate your skin further.  Having the ingredients on hand of products you're wanting to try will also help you and your dermatologist find the best solution for your skin.


I haven't been on accutane, but I was very close to trying (I'm currently experimenting with my last and final attempt of acne meds/topicals before I take the plunge on accutane).  However, I did do a lot of research on the matter and have found that while on accutane, it's critical to be gentle on your skin.  This means using gentle, simple products to cleanse and moisturizer.  I hear Cetaphil, CeraVe and Purpose are good choices for this need.


Also, I've read that a lot of people used Aquaphor or Vaseline on their lips to help with the dryness.  I however  would suggest investing in something that is mineral oil and petroleum free (people debate whether or not these ingredients are bad for skin...but I think they are so I avoid them at all cost).  I like all-purpose Jellys (similar to the feeling of vaseline).  I'm pretty sure Burts Bees makes one, and Alba has a product called "un-petroleum multi-purpose jelly" that is made from only pure plant oils--I love this for lips and around the eye area at night.  It makes my lips super soft and plump.  I'm also a fan of Josie Maran products (her Argan Oil and Argan balm are excellent natural moisturizers for dry skin).


Other than consulting your doc, I recommend being very very gentle on your skin while you're on accutane.  Avoid harsh products (anything with salicylic or glycolic acids, benzoyl peroxide, or retin-a/retinoltretinoin), as well as scrubbing or picking.


Let us know what your doc says so we can further assist!


Hope this helps and best of luck!   

Re: What are the best skin care products for someone on Accutane?

Everyone is right in saying you should talk to your doctor first, but I'll share with you what products I used when I was on Accutane. I know everyone is different, but I also understand how awful the dry skin and cracked lips feel.


So, I was on it few years ago and my dermatologist gave me a ton of samples when it came to moisturizer (see if yours has any). One moisturizer was by Neutrogena.I think it might be the healthy defense daily moisturizer with helioplex with SPF 50


Also, I used to use a ton of Clinique products and received samples of a Moisture Surge product. I don't remember there being two products but I think I was given the Extended Thirst Relief.

Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief:


Moisture Surge Intense For Very Dry to Dry Combination Skin:


Personally, if I was still on it I’d probably go with the Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief. But if you're interested in either of these read both and decide what sounds best for you. I do remember that I did make my skin feel better when I put it on. Not permanently, but there was definitely relief.


At first I was using Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion:

It's a fantastic moisturizer in general, but for right now you'll need something with a higher SPF. It's just something to keep in mind for later when your skin becomes less sensitive.


Aquaphor, Aquaphor, Aquaphor. It was a life saver for me. This was something my dermatologist gave me this for my lips when they were cracking and I think it's an absolute must. It really helps. I know there's also a version that's made specifically for lips, but I just used the regular one for skin that comes in a larger sized tube since that's the original product my dermatologist gave me. It gave me such amazing results that it's what I still regularly use on my lips today.

I wish I knew of a product that's sold here that would be helpful, but I'd be worried about suggesting something that might irritate your lips.


Unfortunately, I don't remember what cleanser I was using. That's definitely  something to talk to your about.


The only products I listed that were not recommended to me by my dermatologist were the ones by Clinique. I really liked the moisture surge a lot though.


Yours may have a different opinion but my Dr didn't emphasize that any product would be harmful to my medication. It was just understood that the products had to be moisturizing and with a high SPF.


Again, I know one size doesn't fit all so check and make sure they're okay for you. I usually left my dermatologist's office with a little brown bag full of sample sized moisturizers, and they were products you could by from any drug or grocery store. Definitely see if yours will do the same.


Good luck!

Re: What are the best skin care products for someone on Accutane?

Great info added, Danielamarie!


But as a side note, Sephora/Beauty Talk frowns down on the posting of outside links. Though you can mention outside products and even recommend them, direct links aren't allowed in thread postings. You can still feel free to message users directly and send them links! Smiley Happy

Re: What are the best skin care products for someone on Accutane?

Oh! I didn't know. I went back and took the link out.Thanks for the heads up! : )

Re: What are the best skin care products for someone on Accutane?

No worries! It was something I found out when I first hopped on board the forums too! Mods may or may not catch links right away, but then normally end up getting removed sooner or later.


Imagine my surprise when I first started posting and would post a link, submit, then realize it was gone! Smiley Very Happy

Re: What are the best skin care products for someone on Accutane?

I was on Accutane during high school, and for my face I would put the bio oil underneath my moisturizer or use a couple drops of pure argan oil. Also my derm had some good moisturizers in her office that I now see in CVS and other drug stores. I believe one was called cerave moisurizing cream and the cetaphil cream as well. I've tried both, and they worked really well! They also have sample sizes in most derm offices, so ask for one! I would usually carry one in my backpack just in case my face felt dry or I would also use it for my hands. And on my lips I would just use a ton of a vaseline at night and then blitz chapstick. I hoped that helped! Using accutane was such a hassle, and especially during the winter months it was super hard to deal with, especially in high school. Thankfully around the 3rd month I got around to expiremmenting and seeing what worked best for me. Hope that helped a bit, and let me know if you have any questions!

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