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Post in Dry Skin

Toner for dry skin?

I have dry skin, am in my early 30's, and am clueless about toner. Do I need it?  My routine consists of cleansing, serum/exfoliant/retinol (depending on the day or my whims), and moisturizer. SPF if it's the morning. This seems to work for me, as my skin is pretty clear, save for the monthly hormonal zit here and there, and for the level of intensity with which I like to try new stuff it behaves itself well. 


I'm told toner preps your skin for all the goodness after washing, but I always think of the astringent stuff they sold as toner in the 90's. Do not want! Intellectually, I am aware it's come a long way, buy do I really need to add a step?


If you're a dry skin toner devotee, has it made a huge impact? 

Re: Toner for dry skin?

You have a very good skincare routine! It's true that you don't really need a toner, since many quality cleansers nowadays can cleanse and tone. So far, toner seems to function in 3 ways: 1) removing all traces of oil/dirt from face after cleansing, 2) prepping the skin for treatment, and 3) treating the skin (for example, acne toners). However, #1 is usually covered by removing your makeup and cleansing. 


I recommend using Shiseido's Eudermine Revitalizing Essence. It's actually an essence/skin softener, which restores moisture to the skin and preps it for your moisturizer. I find that it acts as a very gentle toner, no drying or "squeaky clean" feeling. I've been using it for months now, and it's really improved the texture of my skin. My skin used to be rougher on my forehead than my cheeks, but this essence makes your skin feel like satin. Just remember to use 2-3 drops max.


Re: Toner for dry skin?

I just got the Murad Clarifying Toner, and I don't find it drying. It's really refreshing and light. I always use a good moisturizer after my toner regardless, and that's definitely a good way to add some moisture back if you need it.

Re: Toner for dry skin?

Most toners on the market contain SD Alcohol 40, which is extremely drying to the skin and will encourage dry skin cell build up. But toners that are alcohol-free will not strip the skin, and are a crucial step in a good skin care regimen. They remove cleanser residue, chlorine found in tap water, and when the toner is left damp on the skin, your moisturizer will seal in the water and the active ingredient. The result is healthier and more hydrated skin.

The toner I use is by Simply Divine Botanicals. It has apple cider vinegar, witch hazel and bulgarian rosewater in it. All three ingredients are good toners alone on there own.

If you're looking to buy one off Sephora I would recommend:

Caudalie - Moisturizing Toner


Re: Toner for dry skin?

If you've got dry skin, avoid anything heavy in alcohol (Clinique, for example).


I'm personally a huge fan of Shiseido's Balancing Softeners (what they term toners).  I find either Ibuki or Benefiance to be excellent.


I'd highly recommend sampling a few toners to see if you like what they're doing/if they're doing anything for you/which one you like.

Re: Toner for dry skin?

I'm not sure it's "needed" but I do use it at times. Like you I have crazy-dry skin. I use MAC Lightful Softening Lotion, it's got a lot of good ingredients in it. I'm using retinol once a week (cannot use that toner beforehand, too drying when combined) and when I get a little flaking skin I find it helps me exfoliate. I really like having it in my routine. I've done a lot to build a good regimen that has improved my skin and this is a part of it. Smiley Happy I especially like how clean my skin gets with it.


But if your routine is working for you now then not sure you need to worry. Smiley Happy

Re: Toner for dry skin?

You're right, the astringent from the 90s is long gone. My esthetician told me that when you have a good, consistent skincare routine - great cleanser, using a clarisonic or just exfoliating on a regular basis, plus your other antioxidant goodies from your serums & creams, then it's not necessary. If you're a product junkie (like me) or would like some help get the last traces of makeup off while adding some goodies to your skin at the same time, then go for it. 


I thought you'd like to read this article that came through my Feeder the other day about toners:


And these two are the ones I'm interested in for my dry skin: 

La Vie Celeste Restorative Illuminating Toner

Gloprofessional Conditioning Tonic


Re: Toner for dry skin?

Hey, thanks for the link to that article.  Toner HAS come a long way, I'm just not sure it's another "thing" I need.  But, as someone who is always tinkering with skincare (as of late), I'm always curious about this stuff.

Re: Toner for dry skin?

I prefer to use a cleansing water, you might like substituting your current product for Caudalie cleansing water.10580481-1327938564-108402.jpg

Re: Toner for dry skin?

I have this!  When I run out, my order of Koh Gen Do cleansing water should be here.  I supposed I can sub that in...

Re: Toner for dry skin?

Toner is meant to help balance and regulate the pH of skin, but isn't an absolute necessary step to a skin care regimen.


If your skin tends to be on the drier side, be sure to analyze ingredients and avoid drying alcohols.


The trick is to know which alcohols are good and which are bad. Ethanol, SD alcohol, alcohol denat, propanol, propyl alcohol, and isopropyl alcohol are all drying in excessive use since they help to cut down drying time. They're used more so in products to help with prevent skin from feeling too moist or sticky.


Good alcohols are emollient and include lauryl alcohol, cetyl alcohol, myristyl alcohol, steraryl alcohol, cetearyl alcohol, and behenyl alcohol.


Also, look for toners that contain humectants, or ingredients that bind moisture to skin such as sodium hyaluronate or hyaluronic acid along with other rich and nourishing ingredients like shea, honey, vitamin E, ceramides, and botanical extracts/oils.


Lancôme - TONIQUE CONFORT - Comforting Rehydrating Toner

Lancome's Tonique Confort Toner uses glycerin, honey, almond extract, and sodium hyaluronate to hydrate and condition skin.


Murad - Hydrating Toner

Murad's Hydrating Toner is alcohol free, uses sodium PCA, antioxidant rich grape seed extract, and fruit enzymes to freshen skin.



Re: Toner for dry skin?

This is good information.  If I decide to take the toner route I will definitely heed this sciencey advice!

Re: Toner for dry skin?

I only used to use toner after I worked out, or washed my hair to clean my face.... Which was the Kate Somervile toner.

I too never thought I "needed" a toner, because I was never really oily. Now you can find a lot of toners that are alcohol free, have softening ingredients, and treatment properties. 

I notice a difference in my serum application if I skip applying toner. Many of the facial mists (like the PTR Aloe Mist that was in the sale section, but now sold out) can be sprayed onto a pad & used as a toner/softener. 

Since you're dry skin, look for one that's alcohol free. I also prefer them to be oil free, but that personal preference. And I like the ingredients list to be short & not full of fillers & wax. You want the toner to prep skin for your next step, not provide a barrier (that's what your moisturizer is for) 

I'm a facial mist addict, love them in the summer time for a quick refresh without disrupting makeup. I'm just now starting to experiment using them in place of a toner. 

Re: Toner for dry skin?

I also love my Kate Somerville toner. I use it every day after cleansing and would use it during the day in the summer if I felt extra oily.

Re: Toner for dry skin?

See, I have the Caudalie facial mist, and I just don't love it.  But if I can use it as sort of a trial toner, then I may have just found good use for it!

Re: Toner for dry skin?

I didn't like the Caudalie, it smelled too much of raisins. 

Re: Toner for dry skin?

Re: Toner for dry skin?

I love how reasonably priced Clinique is.

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