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Tips for dry, peeling skin, anyone?

Ok, I have really weird skin. Its dry and peely on my upper lip, in between my eyebrows, my eyelids (weird, right?), and my forehead, while its oily on my upper cheeks and super oily on my nose, causing some unfortunate, chronic blackheads that won't go away (any tips for those?). When I put on my foundation, it always either accentuates my peeling skin or slides off when my face is exceptionally oily. I just can't win with it Smiley Sad Can I have some much needed advice?

Re: Tips for dry, peeling skin, anyone?

I think what you really need is an exfoliator to help combat the dry areas. I think you you should be using Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Intensive- It's physical and chemical exfoliation so not only will it make your dry falkey skin dissapear but it will also get rid of your black heads. I had a lot of deep black heads around my nose but with one use of the exfoliator they were practically almost done. Love this! 

Re: Tips for dry, peeling skin, anyone?

I understand your predicament!  I was in the same boat until I picked up a product by DermaDoctor called Physical Chemistry.  It is a combo microdermibrasion / chemical peel miracle. Smiley Happy  It is a tad bit expensive (I paid $75), but it is worth the cash.  I've tried SEVERAL products to solve the very problem you have, and PC saved me.  All dry patches disappeared instantly...which also helped clear up all irritation as well as the acne.  One jar later, I can use "normal" skincare products because my skin is sooooo much healthier.  Try it!

Re: Tips for dry, peeling skin, anyone?

For the very very dry skin you can try amore pacific face cream the thickest formula, it's $150 but you'll use just a tiny bit each time. Not sure if Sephora carries that formula, it's for the very dry skin types. as they don't carry their entire line. Neimans will have it. Their main ingredients are bamboo sap, ginseng and green tea. No harsh chemicals like glycolic acids etc ever. In face this brand was recently featured in a us magazine stating their technology is 12 years ahead if the USA and those harsh ingredients are extinct for them.

For back heads I've tried numerous pore strips and scrubs but those never worked or have lasting results; and not to mention very harmful to skin in the long run. I tried cliniques pore serum and within 4 days all blackheads are gone, pore immediately appear smaller and refined. I use that serum once nightly. Again I don't recommend rough scrubbing or harmful chemicals as mentioned above.

Re: Tips for dry, peeling skin, anyone?

You might want to consider purchasing a Clarisonic Mia which I believe would exfoliate both the flakiness and for sure would help with the blackheads.  There may be some kind of allergic reaction going on with the eyelid flakiness; do you wear eye makeup and if so, does it make it worse?

Re: Tips for dry, peeling skin, anyone?

Hi! I have similarly combination skin, although it is more oily than dry. However, I find that when I wear makeup, I am more prone to break outs and dryness. Also, my T-zone has black heads that I find difficult to get rid of at times. I know that this is hard, but I would say wear less makeup on a more regular basis, and make sure that you are properly removing it every night before bed. I wear a light mineral powder, blush, a nude eye shadow with eye liner right at the roots of my top lashes and little of mascara on a regular basis, and some days don't wear anything at all just to give my skin a break and let it breathe.


The biggest advice that I have is to get into a regular skin care routine that is tailored for your skin. Cleanse, tone and moisturizer daily to reduce the likelihood of pimples and black heads, while evening overall tone and texture, and exfoliate at least once, maybe twice weekly. Clinique has some excellent products for all of these things.


I use products that Sephora does not carry (called Glymed) for toner, moisturizer, exfoliant and cleanser. I have found that they have worked wonders for my skin and have been using the products for the past couple years. But one Clinique product that I can't live without is the Turnaround Concentrate. I use a slightly smaller than pea sized amount morning and night. Basically, if helps slough off dead and dry skin that is on the surface of your face, revealing the new, fresh skin underneath and improving the skin's tone and clarity. You would be amazed at how it helps with cell turn over.


I would also recommend that you get regular facials. This will help to extract the oil and dirt deposits that cause blemishes in a more concentrated fashion, and if you are getting them every 4-6 weeks you may see great improvement in your skin. Speak to a skin care professional about which type would be best for you.


Hope this helps!

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