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Post in Dry Skin

Time to try something new!

I'm looking for a new scrub, peel, mask or treatment.


I have normal to dry (more dry) sensitive skin. I rarely breakout but do have some redness and discoloration. People think I'm 10 years younger than I actually am and I would like to keep it that way Smiley Wink Any suggestions? I prefer a natural based brand. Thank you wonderful BT people!



Re: Time to try something new!

I second the Dr. Brandt microderm - it is so amazing - results after one use - you will love it! - smells great, works even better!

Re: Time to try something new!

Thanks brat Smiley Wink

Re: Time to try something new!

Thanks ladies!  I'll look into those suggestions. Smiley Happy


@kathie5 good idea about the double mask.  I have the Umbrian Clay already. =)

Re: Time to try something new!

Fresh Rose Mask is definitely good for redness and dryness. I actually use it over the Fresh Umbrian Clay Mask, so the clay removes impurities, and the rose mask keeps my skin from drying out and getting irritated. I do this every week!


Boscia also has a nice mini Mask Medley so you can try all 3 of their masks. They all work to make your skin super soft and radiant. upload_3346755256011109853.jpg


But I tend to prefer sheet masks for hydration and the one from Sephora Collection is surprisingly good! And cheap! Smiley Wink



As for exfoliation, I love the one from Envie de Neuf - Gentle Exfoliating Gel II. So gentle and doesn't cause redness or irritation. If anything, it makes my skin even more hydrated! upload_2788839251813916824.jpg

My mom got this from a department store in Taiwan, but I looked around and you can get it here:, amazon, dermstore, etc.

Re: Time to try something new!

Simple Sugars has a natural scrub that is amazing and made for sensitive skin. It's not sold at Sephora though. I use the avacado facial scrub and it leaves my face feeling amazing!! And a little goes a long way. Their body scrubs with Emu oil are great too!!!

Re: Time to try something new!

 Not sold at Sephora (it used to be), but check out Juice Beauty. You can e-mail them and ask for samples. I like to get their products from Beautybar because they have fast shipping & good customer service. Some Juice Beauty products are bit strong, but they have gentle versions too. 

These are the ones I know that are naturalish that I really like:

- OH Blue/Black Mask- Uber gentle, hydrates & exfoliates


- Amore Pacific Treatment Enzyme Peel - I think it's gentle enough to use daily in place of a cleanser, but I'm used to exfoliation. In the winter I use it almost every morning to help with retinol dryness



Re: Time to try something new!

Hmmm, natural based.....Fresh rose mask is great for hydrating and tone, OH black/blue berry is a very gentle enzyme mask for sensitive skin, Boots Botanic conditioning is a mud mask that helps with clogged pores but very gentle and not drying at all.


Don't really have a rec for scrubs since I prefer synthetic ones cuz the natural ones are generally a bit more abrasive.

Re: Time to try something new!

Thanks!  Will look into those products.  Just out of curiosity which scrubs do you like?

Re: Time to try something new!

Clinique 7 day scrub cream and Laura Mercier face polish are both thick and creamy without stripping the skin. If you can afford to splurge, then Dr.brandt microdermabrasion, superfine grains and feel so good. =)

Re: Time to try something new!



Re: Time to try something new!

Hi veronika!! Smiley Happy


I use AHAs once a week, a natural fruit acid based one called Derma E Evenly Radiant Overnight Peel. Other than my skin getting a little red while it was on, I haven't had any negative side effects, only positive!


Due to some flaking from retinol use I got a sample of Jurlique Fruit Enzyme Exfoliator, which I am not going to alternate with the AHA use.


Both are good for exfoliation and natural!! Smiley Happy


Re: Time to try something new!

This is the other product right?



Re: Time to try something new!

Hmmmmm that's interesting. I wonder if it's the same thing, mine says Evenly Radiant (TM) Overnight Peel. I have seen it at Bed Bath and Beyond. Is the pic from their website?

Re: Time to try something new!

Pic is from on-line Drugstore in Canada... Says new look on the box so could be it I guess.

Re: Time to try something new!

Thanks!  I'll get a sample of the Jurlique to see how I like it Smiley Happy

Re: Time to try something new!

I should clarify my skin only got red the first time with the AHAs. while it was initially on my skin. It's been fine since. Smiley Happy


I have very dry skin that is somewhat sensitive.

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